Joget Workflow v5 Form Data Audit Trail

One of the most requested feature, the Form Data Audit Trail, is now available on v5. This new plugin allows the app designer to easily add event tracking capability to track all form events in their web apps. Simply configure the plugin in "Set Plugin Default Properties" under the app's "Properties & Export" section.

You can configure the plugin to track events for all forms or only for selected forms, and it will capture and log the events accordingly. The following is a screenshot of the form event data that has been captured by the plugin.

Read more about Joget Workflow v5 or download the installers from

New Joget Workflow v4 Training screencasts and slides uploaded

As part of our continous effort to make learning Joget easier, we have uploaded numerous new training screencasts and training slides of Joget Workflow v4.

Below is the complete listing to date.

ModuleModule NameLevelLinks1Introduction to Joget WorkflowGeneralVideo | Slides2Setting up Joget WorkflowGeneralVideo | Slides3Designing your first Process on Joget WorkflowApp DesignerVideo | Slides4Localizing your Joget WorkflowGeneralVideo | Slides5Designing your first Form on Joget WorkflowApp DesignerVideo | Slides6Using your first Process Tool – EmailApp DesignerVideo | Slides7Designing your first Datalist on Joget WorkflowApp DesignerVideo | Slides8Designing your first Userview on Joget WorkflowApp DesignerVideo | Slides9Hash VariableApp DesignerVideo | Slides10Permission ControlApp DesignerVideo | Slides11SLA and DeadlinesApp DesignerVideo | Slides12Version ControlApp DesignerVideo | Slides13Improving your Form design and PresentationApp DesignerVideo | Slides14Introduction to Reporting

Joget Workflow v5 Beta is Released for Public Testing

After more than 3 months of intensive private beta testing, the first public beta for Joget Workflow v5 is now available for download.

What's New and DownloadsNew features include a new App Center, web-based Process Builder, Performance Analyzer, and more. Check out all the new v5 features and download here.
Get Started with v5Learn with the Getting Started Guide in the Knowledge Base.

Web App Development Methodology for The Citizen Developer (Infographic)

Joget Workflow being an open source platform for developing enterprise web apps on-premise or on the Cloud, is perfect for the Citizen Developer. In this infographic, we would like to share with Citizen Developers a simple development methodology to expedite development that is agile and iterative.


Joget Workflow as a Citizen Developer PlatformDownload the infographic (PDF) via Slideshare.

Partner Developed Joget Workflow Solutions

Hello Jogeters! Time really flies. We were just talking about what new features we should include in v5 and here we are, prepping to release the first public beta soon.

v5 Beta 5 & 6 have been released to our partners for their testing and review. So far the feedback has been extremely positive!! And of course, we get the bug reports too. Here are a couple of updates that we want to quickly share with you Jogeters!

Firstly, we have just published a page on our website that highlights some of the partners' solutions developed on the Joget Workflow platform. Some of these solutions are pretty awesome. You can check them out here: Here are some screenshots of some of the solutions.

Secondly, Joget Workflow will be exhibiting in CommunicAsia/EnterpriseIT 2015 at Marina Sands in Singapore from June 2 to 5.

Six of our partners will be there with us to chat with anyone who wants to talk "jogetians" (i.e. Joget Workflow specific lingo,…