Joget Workflow v6 Released

It's here! The Joget team is excited to announce that the stable version of Joget Workflow v6 is now released.

Joget Workflow is a modern open source low-code/no-code app development platform that makes it faster and easier to build enterprise applications and automate processes.

Watch the introduction tutorial below to see the simplicity of the platform in action.

Feature Overview
App Center The App Center is a customizable landing page providing users with quick and secure access to apps. ​Seamless integration with the Joget Marketplace allows for easy downloads of additional apps and plugins.Processes Drag and drop to visually build and configure process workflows. Supports simple or complex processes including synchronous or asynchronous deadlines for reminders or escalation requirements.Forms ​Drag and drop to visually build and configure forms. ​Many powerful form elements for diverse needs including grids, spreadsheets, signatures, etc. Lists
Drag and drop to visually build and …

Need for Speed: How We Optimized Performance in the Joget Workflow v6 Platform

As an open source low-code / no-code application platform, Joget Workflow allows both non-coders and coders alike to visually build apps rapidly. Beneath this simplicity though, there is a lot going on and performance has always been a priority. The focus is to provide a fast runtime for apps, and we diligently try to ensure that there is as little overhead as possible at the platform level.

The Joget team has been hard at work on Joget Workflow v6, currently in public beta. We have recently been looking into ways to streamline and optimize performance of the platform even more.

This technical article details how this was done for the latest beta release, and could provide helpful tips for your own projects or products. The article gets quite technical and is targeted at developers interested in the inner workings of the platform. Let’s take a look under the hood. Server-Side Code Profiling The Joget platform is built on Java, so numerous code profiling tools are available just a Goo…

Building a platform to collect relevant data for a charity community network in New Zealand – within one weekend!

This article is contributed by: Angelique of Boomerang Bags :)

Recently, an Impact NPO Charity Hackathon weekend event was held in Wellington, NZ. From Friday (Aug 11) to Sunday (Aug 13), IT professionals, designers and volunteers with a wide range of different skills came together to help local charities and NPOs to find solutions for their IT problems and challenges.

One of the four participating local charities was the NZ Branch of Boomerang Bags, a community driven initiative with the goal of reducing and eventually eliminating single-use plastic bags by diverting textiles and fabric from landfill and creating reusable bags hand-sewed by local communities.

Boomerang Bags NZ operates New Zealand wide and currently has over 45 different communities throughout New Zealand . The NZ charity needed a quick, easy and scalable solution to allow communities to track their waste minimisation impact, and collate statistical data on the progress made towards offering real alternatives of sing…

3 Common Problems with App Development (and How to Easily Fix Them with Joget v6)

In recent times, enterprise application development has advanced greatly with the introduction of new technologies and techniques like the no-code/low-code dev approach, but that doesn't mean it's completely without some challenges. In fact, the wave of innovation that's going across the development market has brought with it new challenges that both professional developers and business users are coming across on a regular basis.

Today, we want to discuss three of the most commonly encountered problems in the app development process and how Joget v6 can help you fix them effortlessly.
1. LACK OF “PRE-RELEASE” REVIEW AND TESTING One of the main causes of application failure/error is lack of pre-release review, or testing; it's a major threat to successful enterprise application development.

Being one of the most fundamental stages of the development process, testing is necessary for discovering bugs and receiving feedback from users. It ensures that the app is workin…

Simplifying the Dev in DevOps: Build a Full App Without Coding in 30 Minutes

DevOps? What’s That?
DevOps is the combination of software DEVelopment and IT OPerationS to deliver software faster. It is a hot movement in the technical community today as part of an organization’s digital transformation strategy.

For the OPS portion of DevOps, there is great focus in practices like continuous integration and technologies such as containerization and IT automation with tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, etc.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation with TensorFlow and Joget Workflow

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. AI is a hot topic in technology today, with rapid advancements and increasing adoption in many areas e.g. smartphones, smarthomes and self-driving cars among others. AI and automation in business has tremendous potential, and will change the future of the workforce.
Introduction to TensorFlowTensorFlow is an open source AI library for machine learning. Built by Google, TensorFlow is designed for implementing, training, testing and deploying deep learning neural networks. Neural networks are used in a variety of applications, notably in classification problems such as speech and image recognition. The TensorFlow site provides a number of tutorials to get started.

Incorporate AI Image Recognition in Joget Workflow As a low-code application platform for rapid application development and business automation, Joget Workflow allows you to extend functionality of the platf…