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Joget Workflow Enterprise Edition and Partnership Program

Greetings! This past month, we have been receiving a lot of inquiries regarding Joget Workflow v3 Enterprise edition. Emails have been coming in from Germany, Hungary, Philippines, US, Singapore, France, Taiwan, Brazil and the Middle East asking about the Enterprise license pricing model and on our partnership program. Firstly, we are very excited to announce that Joget Workflow v3 Enterprise is on schedule to be released on the first week of January 2012. Secondly, we are ramping up the benefits of our Accredited Partnership Program . Check them out below. Joget Workflow App Copy Protection Accredited partners will be able to access the app copy protection feature of Joget Workflow v3 Enterprise Edition. Joget Workflow v3 Enterprise Edition is a platform that allows partners to develop and resell process-centric web apps. The copy protection feature will allow partners to protect their apps from being copied and distributed without authorization. This is an essenti

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