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Joget Workflow v3 - User Notification

User notification  plugin is used to notify users on new tasks. It is to be implemented at the application level thus allows greater customization of its notification content. It is a one-time setup process and this plugin will be called every time a new task is created. The following video tutorial shows on how you can configure the User Notification. View on Youtube

Joget Partner wins China MBA Startup Battle

We are delighted to announce that our key partner in China, Valuprosys , is the second runner up on China MBA Entrepreneurship 2012 Competition for the East China region. China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition is first initiated by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2002. The competition serves as a platform to promote pioneering spirit, innovation, discovery and development of entrepreneurial skills. Since then, it has grown to be a substantial regional event in collaboration with venture capital firms such as the CID group . This is considered as a major milestone for the future development of Joget. To read more about the competition, please follow on here .

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