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How Citizen Development Will Disrupt Project Management?

Project Managers play a key role in the entire project management lifecycle. They are closely involved in all stages which include conception and initiation, planning, launching and executing the project, while ensuring they are completed on time, on budget, within the scope and with quality. Citizen Development, a rapidly growing enterprise trend, promises to boost project managers' productivity and efficiency by making application development faster and less expensive. 1. What is Citizen Development? For decades, application development has been living in the wheelhouse of professional IT developers. Taking into consideration the increasingly competitive business demands, the only way for enterprises to remain viable is by increasing business capacity and accelerating the speed of delivery without increasing costs.  Given that the current business landscape is constantly evolving, moving forward will require a new set of tools that can effectively solve the digitalization challen

Want to Know Where Your Coffee Comes From?

    This post is contributed by Team Joget. As part of  Cardano's Catalyst Fund 7 , a full-featured  Coffee Provenance App  was built in a record 4 days by just one developer. Before we get into how it was done, let’s see what the DApp is about. One of the key features of the Coffee Provenance App is the ability to generate a QR code that, once scanned from the coffee packaging, allows you to trace the origin of where the coffee was farmed, processed, roasted, and packaged before being delivered to your neighborhood cafe! If you are a coffee connoisseur and you care where the coffee you drink comes from, you will be interested in the provenance and integrity of the coffee; that it originates from where it says it is from, throughout the entire supply chain. And won’t it be nice if you could use your phone to scan a QR code while you are at your favorite cafe and get the entire history of your coffee supply chain right at your fingertips?!  Interested? We are certain you would be! S

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