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CodeLess Blockchain Hacks: Leveraging Blockchain and No-code/Low-code Technology to Solve Real-World Problems

The world today is grappling with a range of challenging issues, from ensuring secure and transparent transactions to safeguarding sensitive data in various industries. But what if there was a solution that blended the security of a decentralized ledger with the agility and efficiency of contemporary application development?  That's where distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and no-code/low-code platforms come in. Blockchain is a subset of DLT, and they are not the same thing but are often used interchangeably. These innovative technologies hold the promise of transforming the way organizations address problems, enabling them to quickly design and implement solutions to their most pressing challenges. The merger of blockchain and no-code/low-code platforms is proving to be a major turning point and it's clear that this is the future of technology. Here come the hacks With the future of technology in mind, Joget and Chitkara University , a premier institution of higher educat

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