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On-Site Management App: Virtually Manage Work Progress, Anytime and Anywhere

"I want to develop my own apps but I do not know how to code."
Have you ever wanted to build an app although you have zero knowledge in coding? Working as a Marketing Associate in Joget, aside from constantly cracking my head to come out with new content, I have always been longing to create a simple app that can be made available to everyone - and here is how the On-Site Management App comes into picture.
Businesses, such as those in the construction and engineering sectors, often face the challenges of not being able to monitor their job progress at all times, regardless of whether it is an onshore or offshore project. As such, being able to virtually manage the job status and digitize all documents helps to speed up business efficiency and productivity.
Virtually Manage Work Progress, Anytime and Anywhere
The On-Site Management Appis an enterprise app that helps to simplify business processes and aid communication in the workplace. With this, businesses can reduce miscommun…