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Joget Workflow 3.1.1 Released

We're pleased to announce the general availability of Joget Workflow 3.1.1. This stable release provides improvements in stability, robustness and security. Among the highlights in this release are: Overall improvement in stability and robustness. Security improvement on XSS attacks. Performance improvement on the usage of custom i18n messages. Improved handling of concurrent submissions in form data. Increased max active transactions Greater compatibility in older Internet Explorer versions (IE8+). Better consistency for different app versions in inbox assignment forms. New attributes supported for the Current User Hash Variable. Added support for display and data formats in the Date Picker and Data List column. Added options to show assignment details as tooltip in the Datalist Inbox Menu. Added data priority precedence option in Hidden fields. Overall improvement in form elements (validation, Unicode support, storage) Download now at

How to Deploy Joget Cluster into the Cloud

Here is a very interesting blog post ( ) on how to deploy Joget Workflow on Jelastic. Check out the step-by-step guide to deploy a Joget cluster in the cloud in a few minutes.

Joget Workflow at CommunicAsia 2013

It was a busy 4 days at CommunicAsia 2013 in Marina Sands, Singapore, from June 18 to 21. We received visitors from Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, China and Japan. Thanks for taking the time to come over and letting us share Joget Workflow with you. Cheers! Here are some photos of the visitors at our booth.

Building A Cloud or Mobile App with Joget Workflow v4 (Beta)

Yeah! We have released Joget Workflow v4 Beta! Since v3's release in 2011, our emphasis was that Joget Workflow is no longer just a workflow engine but a platform for developers or general IT savvy individuals to develop web apps; and that workflow is there for those who need it. This move has expanded Joget Workflow's market space and opened up a whole new spectrum of possibilities for Joget Workflow to be a platform for developing web apps. Throw in the fact that we try to allow users to develop web apps without coding or programming (well, at least for light weight apps) and we have a hard core debate between the business users and the programmers on whether it is codeless or code less... LOL. So what's up with v4? In a nut shell, v4 allows users to not only develop web apps, but web apps that are built and run on the cloud (PaaS if you will :-). From the mobile perspective all web apps developed on v4 are optimized for mobile. Users will be able to install a ge

Build Database Driven and Workflow Apps with Joget Cloud (Beta)

Starting today, we are launching Joget Cloud (Beta) for public trials and testing. If you are a developer, you may want to sign-up for a trial account now... :-) Build Database Driven Apps and Add Workflow Joget PAAS capabilities allow you to quickly create and build database driven apps without programming. If you need to automate your processes, go ahead and add workflows to your apps. If you know programming, you can easily take your apps to the next level. Check out our knowledge base for more information on how to enhance the apps. Btw, in the upcoming v4, all Apps you create are mobile ready. You can check out what's coming up in v4 here . Ready Made Apps Joget Cloud comes with ready made business apps that are free to use and modify. You can use them for your business or if you want, customize and enhance these ready made apps to suit your needs. You can quickly get started with the Simple CRM app to track your leads, opportunities and customers. No more ne

Joget Workflow v4 - App Generator

In continuing our series of articles on what some of the new v4 features are, here is a preview of another new v4 feature. App Generator To further make development on the Joget Workflow platform even easier and seamless, we are looking to develop an App Generator feature on   v4 . The App Generator will enable user to generate a full fledged Joget Workflow app using the platform. Example:  First step, create the form in JogetWF. Second step, run the App Generator, JogetWF will generate all the process, datalist, userview, etc. Third step, Configure and Setup the App. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us. Again... the usual disclaimer... please note that we reserve the right to make changes to the features and release dates stated above :-)

Joget Workflow v4 - Mobile Web Front-end

In continuing our series of articles on what some of the new v4 features are, here is a preview of another new v4 feature. Mobile Web Front-end Our vision of Joget Workflow to be a platform for building process-centric web app also extends to the mobile web. In this next release, our goal is to enable all apps built on the Joget Workflow platform to be automatically supported on the mobile device. We are currently tinkering with PhoneGap to achieve this.. :-) The development of this feature is currently in internal beta stage. Will share more on this later. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us. Again... the usual disclaimer... please note that we reserve the right to make changes to the features and release dates stated above :-)

Joget Workflow v4 - App Centric Back-end

In continuing our series of articles on what some of the new v4 features are, here is a preview of another new v4 feature. App Centric Back-end This feature is still in the alpha stage of development. The user experience from the back-end (web console) will be enhanced radically. Admin users will be presented with an app-centric user interface, where apps are displayed in a grid view for easy access. They will be able to add, edit and directly launch all their respective apps according to their security access level. For those users who still prefer the old view, they will be able to switch between the new app-centric interface and the previous web console according to their preferences. The most significant aspect of this new feature is the direct integration of the Joget Workflow Platform to the Joget Marketplace . Users will be able to browse and directly download to try or to purchase any apps from the marketplace. We are really excited about the huge potential of in

Joget Workflow v4 - Front-end Edit Feature

YES!! Joget Workflow 3.1 is released ... and v4 is already in the works. We will be publishing a series of articles briefly describing what some of the new v4 features are in the coming weeks. To start the preview off, lets check out the new Front-end Edit feature. Front-end Edit If you are familiar with using Joget Workflow to build apps with multiple forms, datalists or userviews, you will really appreciate this new feature. The front-end edit feature will save you a tremendous amount of time trying to find the correct form, datalist or userview to edit or modify... :-) All you need to do, is to first turn on the Front-end Edit feature, then navigate to the page you want to edit and edit your form, datalist, etc. respectively. That's it! No more searching through the long list of forms or datalists. We are currently beta testing this internally. If all goes according to plan, it will be released in the beta version of v4 sometime in Q2 2013. The usual di

Joget Workflow v3.1 is Released

We are pleased to announce that Joget Workflow v3.1 stable release is now available for public download! You can download it here . So, what's new in v3.1 Enterprise? The primary focus of the v3.1 release is a cleaner, more streamlined user interface along with enhanced form and reporting features. New Streamlined Design     New in this release is a beautiful userview theme for end-users called Bootstrap, which is based on the popular front-end toolkit Twitter Bootstrap. Bootstrap Theme Also included is another shiny new userview theme called Corporati, and a new bundled sample app for an Employee Self Service portal. New Corporati Userview Theme The web console UI for building and monitoring apps has been given a face-lift to sport a cleaner, more streamlined look with more usable space. Streamlined Web Console Enhanced Form, List and Userview Features There are many new enhancements to forms, including support for having multiple pages in a form.

Joget Workflow v3 - Using Deadlines for Reminder and Escalation

In this tutorial, we will be learning on how to make use of Deadlines to set up Reminder and Task Escalation in a workflow process. One should have prior knowledge about different types of Deadlines before using them. You may refer to the documentation on Deadlines if you wish to find out more.

Joget Workflow v3 - Building Joget from Source

In this tutorial, we will be learning on how to build Joget from source. Please refer to the knowledge base article for the full documentation on this topic. You must fulfill all the prerequisites stated in the article before proceeding to build Joget.

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