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We Are Going to Abu Dhabi

You got it right. We will be showcasing Joget Workflow in Abu Dhabi in just a couple weeks of time at Malaysia Services Exhibition 2011 (MSE2011) from 17 to 20 April 2011 . Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. This would mark our second time participating in the Malaysia Services Exhibition organized by the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade). It was held at Dubai last year. This time around, the exhibition will be held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ANDEC), Abu Dhabi, U.A.E . For more information about the show, you may check out MSE 2011 presentation slides . Pre-departure briefing We will be located at booth A-15 in Hall 10 . Be sure to catch us there!

Anyong-haseyo 안녕하세요 - Joget Workflow Speaks Korean and Has RTL Support too

Yes! Joget Workflow speaks Korean, and quite fluently to date, and we're saying so because we've already achieved 99% completion of the language translation by community effort at . Here is the introduction to Joget Workflow in Korean language  (오픈 소스 워크플로우 애플리케이션 빌더 - 도입부). Of course, there are many other language translations being actively worked out by our ever-growing community of translators. Indonesian , Spanish and Thai are among the more popular ones. Let's look at Hangeul 한글 in action and what Joget Workflow looks like in the Korean native alphabet. Joget Workflow in Korean RTL Language Support Do you know that apart from the usual LTR languages, Joget Workflow is packed with RTL language (such as Arabic) support as well? And switching to RTL mode can be done easily in the management console, as shown below. Switching to RTL support and system locale is just a click away Come and join us in making Joget Workflow the world

Joget Workflow on FLOSS Weekly Interview

It has been 17 months since the first public release of Joget Workflow (back in Oct 2009), started with just 19 downloads recorded in the first month. Today, with the support from worldwide adopters, we are grateful to be listed by Momentum Index as one of the top 96 open source software companies . This reflects a strong early proof of traction for Joget Workflow. FLOSS Weekly 15 hours ago, we were on live telly, interviewed by TWiT's FLOOS Weekly. You can listen or watch the podcast here . The session was hosted by Randal Schwartz and Aaron Newcomb . Our CEO in the Valley - Michael Yap, was taking lead responding to the interview questions, and I was more of a backbencher haha. Even though this is not the first time for us to be interviewed on Joget Workflow project, but we have been very much looking forward to this, as the FLOSS Weekly program objective and audiences fit perfectly into the model of our software -- free, libre, open source ! The interview was casted at

What's New in Joget Workflow v2?

Not just sleek and cool looking Web 2.0 UI; the navigation design is also further improved in Joget Workflow v2 to enhance user experience. New Facelift Well-organized drop-down menu, breadcrumb navigation, form browsing by category, and process thumbnail image are some of the usability enhancements introduced in Joget Workflow v2. Open source software doesn't have to look unappealing. Userview - Everyone Can Create an Application System Ever wish for the processes you deploy in Joget Workflow to have a front-end web application system? A leave application system for the leave application process, a travel management system for the flight reservation process and staff recruitment system for the recruitment process. Now, with Joget Workflow v2, we are able to configure (not develop) a front-end application, known as userview, for each process just by clicking and typing to customize the userview application front-end. So, in addition to performing a workflow task from Workflow Man

Advantages of Joget Workflow

Similar to any other products, two of the questions that we are most frequently asked, are: What are the advantages of Joget Workflow? How do you compare Joget Workflow to competitors like X , Y and Z ? I'm pretty sure there are many people Googling for such information too, so I might as well publish my thoughts here. By the way, I'm only writing about some key advantages of Joget Workflow here, not competitor analysis :) 1. Open Source Software Being an open source model, software is not the only deliverable of Joget Workflow. In fact, the source code is also one of the deliverables . So, comparing to closed-source products, the source codes in Joget Workflow can be seen and examined by anyone, including the software engineering experts. This encourages the software engineers contributing to Joget Workflow to produce higher quality source codes . Thus, the open source model of Joget Workflow enables flexibilities in the following key implementation aspects:

Joget Workflow rides the 1st quarter of 2010 with intensive training programs

As it looks to expand itself regionally, Joget Workflow delivered a compelling training program to its community of users in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 2 and 3, 2010. Entitled Joget Workflow Basic Training , the sessions were conducted at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or KADIN (Kamar Dagang dan Industri Indonesia) where participants from various industries, ranging from IT Solutions Developers to Finance, attended. Key segments included identifying processes in the organization, simulating and drawing up real-life workflows based on business requirements, and managing and automating processes and, at the conclusion of the training, participants were able to design sample workflows independently. KADIN, venue for the Joget Workflow Basic Training in Jakarta The 2-day Joget Workflow Basic Training provided Joget Workflow users with an opportunity to experience the training strengths of Joget Workflow specialists. Participants were able to attest to the advantages a

Tech Investing Trend

I'm back to the warmer part of the world from the lovely California's winter-spring transition for the incredibly huge Asian market, and Michael is also back to our bootstrapping office in Sunnyvale. We have done our very best (I believe so) at DEMO Spring 2011  to demonstrate Joget Workflow as a workflow application builder, to build a helpdesk web application integrated with voice and text services (using Joget Workflow's  Twilio plugins), all amazingly within 5 minutes! Those who came to our booth and witnessed the short demo, had mostly given us a jaw-dropping reaction. Something That DEMO Failed to Fulfill Overall, the DEMO conference was a great one, and the agenda between conference tracks and exhibitor's pavilion opening was nicely arranged. Among the large pool of interesting tech startups launching at DEMO, we have also managed to create some exposures for Joget Workflow with the conference attendees via social media channels, by utilizing th

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