Joget Workflow rides the 1st quarter of 2010 with intensive training programs

As it looks to expand itself regionally, Joget Workflow delivered a compelling training program to its community of users in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 2 and 3, 2010. Entitled Joget Workflow Basic Training, the sessions were conducted at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or KADIN (Kamar Dagang dan Industri Indonesia) where participants from various industries, ranging from IT Solutions Developers to Finance, attended. Key segments included identifying processes in the organization, simulating and drawing up real-life workflows based on business requirements, and managing and automating processes and, at the conclusion of the training, participants were able to design sample workflows independently.

KADIN, venue for the Joget Workflow Basic Training in Jakarta

The 2-day Joget Workflow Basic Training provided Joget Workflow users with an opportunity to experience the training strengths of Joget Workflow specialists. Participants were able to attest to the advantages and benefits of the training methodology and delivery that, among others, equipped them (IT developers, in particular) with the knowledge and tools essential in designing solutions based on processes.

The success of the Joget Workflow Basic Training in Jakarta left those who attended with a remarkably higher proficiency in using Joget Workflow Management System, with several ready to install Joget Workflow onto their servers for a trial rollout. And with the realization of participants that it is easy and simple to implement workflow solutions using Joget Workflow, the training team knew without a doubt that the great deal of care they took in putting the program together was indeed well worth the effort.

Some participants during the training, as they explore an inspiring vista of solutions offered by Joget Workflow


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