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Joget Workflow v3 - Install as Windows Service

In this tutorial, we will be learning on how to get Joget to run as a Windows Service. You may also refer to the knowledge base article . This video tutorial applies to both Joget Community and Enterprise edition. In this video tutorial, we will be using the default Joget installer for Windows. You may download it here if you have not done so. The Windows installer is prepacked with Apache Tomcat 6 (Application Server) and MySQL (Database) to get you started in no time. During the course of this tutorial, we will also be learning on how to:- Create Apache Tomcat 6 as service. Create MySQL as service. Make MySQL service as the dependency to Apache Tomcat 6.

Joget Workflow v3 - User Notification

User notification  plugin is used to notify users on new tasks. It is to be implemented at the application level thus allows greater customization of its notification content. It is a one-time setup process and this plugin will be called every time a new task is created. The following video tutorial shows on how you can configure the User Notification. View on Youtube

Joget Partner wins China MBA Startup Battle

We are delighted to announce that our key partner in China, Valuprosys , is the second runner up on China MBA Entrepreneurship 2012 Competition for the East China region. China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition is first initiated by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2002. The competition serves as a platform to promote pioneering spirit, innovation, discovery and development of entrepreneurial skills. Since then, it has grown to be a substantial regional event in collaboration with venture capital firms such as the CID group . This is considered as a major milestone for the future development of Joget. To read more about the competition, please follow on here .

Joget Workflow v3 - Part 3 - Form Design, Datalist and Userview Tutorial

This is the third part of the video to develop a Joget Workflow v3 App. In the previous part, we have  designed all the forms necessary for the Claim App process. In this video, we are going to revisit the forms to add in a  Calculation field , and then complete off the entire App by adding in the Datalist and Userview. Calculation Field in Joget Form Builder Creating a new Datalist in Joget Integrating the Datalist created in Userview In this tutorial, you will be learning the following: Adding Calculation Field into the form. Creating Datalist. Creating Userview by integrating the process, form and lists. When watching any video tutorials, it is advisable to pause the video constantly to keep up with the steps. Please do not hesitate to post your comments on the tutorials. Thanks. Cheers.

Joget Workflow v3.1 BETA Is Here!

Joget Workflow v3.1 BETA is now available for public download! Download Links: v3.1 BETA Setup Wizard for Windows v3.1 BETA Bundle for Linux Joget Workflow is an open source web-based workflow software to develop workflow and Business Process Management applications. More than just a workflow or BPM platform, Joget offers full-fledged agile development capabilities (consisting of processes, forms, lists, CRUD and UI), not just back-end EAI/orchestration/integration or the task-based interface for traditional workflow/BPM products. So for example, build a sales force automation app instead of just a sales quotation approval process. What's new in the v3.1 BETA ? The primary focus of the v3.1 release is a cleaner, more streamlined user interface along with enhanced form and reporting features. New Streamlined Design The web console UI for building and monitoring apps have been given a face-lift to sport a cleaner, more streamlined look with more usable spa

Joget Workflow v3 - Part 2 - Form Design Tutorial

This is the second part of the video to develop a Joget Workflow v3 app, in this case the Claims App. Earlier, we talked about on how to design a process . In this video, we will be showing you on how to design forms for the activities created in the process design below. We will be designing the following forms using the form builder. Submit Claim Claim Submitted Approve Claim Verify Claim Claim Item In this tutorial, you will be learning the following:- Creating form and mapping the form to a process activity. Using subform to populate existing form into form design. Generating Reference Number in the form. Using Form Grid element and Multirow Form Binder to handle multi-row/grid form data. Map form value into Workflow Variable to dictate the process flow. Automatically populate form field using hash variable . When watching any video tutorials, it is advisable to pause the video constantly to keep up with the steps. Please do not hesit

Joget Workflow v3 - Part 1 - Process Design Tutorial

UPDATE! There has been an error in the process design. The activity "Approve Application by Finance" should be then follow on the same route as "Approve Application". This is the latest design flow. ORIGINAL POST: This is the first of four parts video to develop a Joget Workflow v3 app, in this case the Claims App. The following image is the process diagram of the workflow in the Claims App.  Using the above process diagram as a reference, you can learn how to design the same process in the following video tutorial. In the tutorial you will learn the following: How to add workflow activities and system tools to your processes. Set asynchronous or synchronous deadlines to send reminders if task is not perform during the specified time or to escalate a task to the next approval level if not perform in the predefined time frame. Set activity and process level Service Level Agreement (SLA) to monitor the workflow to ensure that tasks are

Joget Workflow v3 Enterprise Edition is Released

We have reached another milestone. Today, Joget Workflow v3 Enterprise Edition is released to the world! Compared to the community edition, the enterprise edition is markedly pumped up with enterprise features and loaded with enterprise plugins. Compare the editions here - and here - In v3, the Form and Userview builder has been completely rebuilt from ground-up to be fully extensible using a plugin architecture. Yes, you heard right, now you can create and add new elements to the form or userview builders. ( ) You can download the web app builder now -

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