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Announcing the Launch of Tech for Humanity Program: Leading the Community in Their Digital Journey

“I would like to help the charity organizations to solve their complex challenges by making use of innovation and today’s technology.” Is this what you have on your mind? Or are you a non-profit organization that is looking for an open source platform to begin your innovation journey? Leading the community in their digital journey Although Covid-19 has been affecting the way we live and placing us in an unprecedented situation, it has made us realize the importance of a human centric approach. Additionally, it has made us aware of how we can create out-of-the-box solutions to resolve complex challenges by combining human imagination, creativity and resourcefulness with the right technology. As such, the Joget team is delighted to announce the launch of our Tech for Humanity program, aiming to help and support charity/non-profit organizations to leverage the Joget low-code platform to build and customize their own enterprise applications.  See how other charity/non-profit organizations

Cloud Native and Low Code. Are You Ready for the Future of Enterprise IT?

A Brief Introduction to Kubernetes, OpenShift, Red Hat Marketplace and Joget DX TLDR : Cloud native technologies like containers and Kubernetes are the future of enterprise IT, and Red Hat Marketplace has been launched to provide a simpler way to try, buy and manage certified enterprise software for cloud native environments. Joget is proud to be a launch partner of Red Hat Marketplace, and this article introduces the Joget DX low code application platform on Red Hat Marketplace for rapid no-code / low-code application development. Containers and Kubernetes as the Future of Enterprise IT Much has been written about cloud-native technologies like containers and container orchestration as the future of enterprise IT, with Kubernetes (abbreviated as K8s) as the de facto standard. Gartner predicts that by 2022, more than 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production, up from less than 30% today.  If you are not familiar with Kubernetes, read about

Go Paperless with Joget DX: An Open Source, No-Code/Low-Code Application Platform

“I want to get rid of tedious and repetitive paperwork which has taken a lot of my time.” According to Forrester’s Q1 2020 Digital Process Automation Survey , over 70% of organizations have paper-based process dependencies. In other words, many companies are still struggling to deal with hundreds to thousands of data entries and paper processes manually each day. This has resulted in decreased productivity, higher expenses spent on buying papers and printers, time wasted to search for a document and eventually miscommunication might occur.  Digitize Paper Processes with Joget DX Businesses can start developing their own enterprise apps to cater to different needs and requirements. Organizations can better manage daily workflows, automate tasks and avoid delays in processes and procedures with monitoring. Questions that most organizations often struggle with: “What are the ways to kick start this digital transformation journey?”  “Are there any simple ways to get started?” “Do we need s

Student Temperature Tracking for Schools

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools are required to be extra diligent in making sure that proper hygiene and health best practices and procedures are followed. One of the risk management best practices is to take daily temperature readings of the students to ensure that any potential infection is mitigated. With this "Student Temperature Tracking App", schools will be able to assign a QR code to a student and take daily body temperature reading quickly and easily. Home screen of the Student Temperature Tracking app. Summary of the App features are: 1. Allows schools to register their students and generate a "Student Temperature Tracking Card" for each student. 2. Students will show the "Student Temperature Tracking Card" when they get their temperatures taken. 3. Teachers are able to use their mobile devices or computers to record all the temperature readings. 4. If using mobile devices, teachers will be able scan the QR Code on the "Student Temper

On-Site Management App: Virtually Manage Work Progress, Anytime and Anywhere

"I want to develop my own apps but I do not know how to code." Have you ever wanted to build an app although you have zero knowledge in coding? Working as a Marketing Associate in Joget, aside from constantly cracking my hea d to come out with new content, I have always been longing to create a simple app that can be made available to everyone - and here is how the On-Site Management App comes into picture. Businesses, such as those in the construction and engineering sectors, often face the challenges of not being able to monitor their job progress at all times, regardless of whether it is an onshore or offshore project. As such, being able to virtually manage the job status and digitize all documents helps to speed up business efficiency and productivity. Virtually Manage Work Progress, Anytime and Anywhere The On-Site Management App   is an enterprise app that helps to simplify business processes and aid communication in the workplace. With this, businesses can reduce misc

No-Code, Low-Code and Pro-Code: Why Flexibility is Essential for Digital Transformation

Introducing Business Reporting and API Management Addons for Joget DX The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic will be viewed in history as a significant point in human history. In the post-pandemic world, digital transformation can no longer be delayed and organizations need to adapt quickly, or perish, as the old ways of working no longer apply in the new normal. Based on Forrester’s Q1 2020 Digital Process Automation Survey , over 70% Of organizations still have paper-based process dependencies, as shown in the figure below. With a modern open source no-code/low-code platform like Joget DX , organizations can rapidly build, deploy and adapt applications to cater to ever changing needs. In this article, we will talk about the need for flexibility in application platforms to meet digitalization needs, and how the extensibility of Joget DX enabled the introduction of new add-ons for business reporting and API management . No-Code, Low-Code and Pro-Code: Flexibility and Extensibility There mi

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