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A Process Unification Workflow on the Joget Low-Code Platform for Document Centralization

This is a guest post by Patrik Burgar, a Lean / Six Sigma certified business analyst/developer at Soitron . Soitron is a Central European integrator operating in the IT market since 1991 and is part of the Soitron Group which employs more than 800 international experts. The group brings together professional teams in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, and the UK.  The Client’s Requirements Our client, a Czech energy company, requested us to create an application that they could use to approve incoming requests from various investors. Any development project to be implemented in the territory under the jurisdiction of our client is subject to their approval.  The client recognizes six types of requests, and each of them is approved in a different way. They have different workflows which require different documentation. Once a request is approved by relevant departments, the energy company produces a decision for every request. The application we were asked

How to Choose the Right No-Code/Low-Code Application Platform

By the end of 2021, 75% of development shops will use low-code platforms, up from 44% in 2020  - from Forrester Predictions 2021: Software Development The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation. Digitalization, process automation and workflow management have become crucial to business survival. To cater to these needs, low-code application platforms have risen to become a necessity. Research firm Forrester predicts that by the end of 2021, 75% of development shops will use low-code platforms, up from 44% in 2020. ( Source: Forrester Predictions 2021: Software Development, October 30, 2020 ). It is no longer a matter of IF, but rather WHEN and HOW a business adopts a low-code approach. Low-code application platforms allow for software applications to be developed faster with less, or even zero, code. What was mere promise in years past, have become proven solutions helping to address urgent needs in critical times. This was especially apparent at the begin

Announcing JogetOSS: Additional Open Source Projects for the Joget Low-Code Platform

As evidently the only open source vendor recognized in  Forrester’s Now Tech: General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2021 report , the Joget team is pleased to further demonstrate its  commitment to open source  with the formation of  JogetOSS , a community-led team for open source software related to the  Joget no-code/low-code application platform .  The core Joget platform has always been freely available as an  open source project  since its inception in 2009. Whether for  no-code, low-code or pro-code  users, flexibility and extensibility has always been a core focus of the platform. Having surpassed the  200,000 open source edition downloads milestone  in 2019, JogetOSS aims to ensure that plugins and functionality outside of the core platform will also be made available as open source projects. Moreover, projects under JogetOSS will be made available under the more permissible  Apache License, Version 2.0 , to encourage even greater community participation. In conjun

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