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A Guide to Get Started With Joget Workflow v3

Joget Workflow as a workflow management software has come a long way since Nov 2009. Version 1 and 2 were developed and positioned as a BPM workflow management system to design, deploy and run workflows for business processes with the workflow engine as the core. After almost two years of trying to find a market fit, we discovered that our customers were using Joget Workflow to automate their processes and then building web applications around those workflows. A process-driven application if you will! Joget Workflow as a process-driven application platform That realization made us rethink our product strategy. Why not provide a platform that allowed the users to develop web applications and at the same time provide them with the capability to automate any processes they need? It should be designed to be simple and easy to use with little or no coding! Hence, for v3, we decided to completely redeveloped Joget Workflow from ground up ( v3 Overview ). It is designed to be a platfo

New Joget v4 Beta 2 Release

Since our first release of v4 last May, we have been getting a lot of feedback from potential new and existing customers who are currently using v3 stable. We are officially making a second Beta release today. This is a highly anticipated release for those who are evaluating Joget v4 in particular. Joget v4 Beta 2 would feature vast security related improvements and all round improvements on most of its features. These are some of the highlights:- SECURITY ======== - Added DataEncryption interface and its implementation - Added Security Enhanced Directory Manager - Automatically assign normal user role if user is created by a non-admin user - Prevent possible cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities - Show generic message and log stack trace to log file when ERROR 500 - Secured all passwords from rendering directly in HTML - Secured Process Start White List by default for newly deployed processes. - Support HTTP basic authentication - Updated API requests that

Joget Workflow v3 Enterprise 3.1.4 Released

This release contains stability and performance improvements, and is a strongly recommended upgrade for high usage installations, especially for users running 3.1.1 and below. These are some of the notable changes since the 3.1.1 version. Fixed: wflow-core - Run Process Menu - External Form behave differently when mapped to run process  Added FormPdfUtil - Hash Variable parsing in sub form. Refined logic to get a form field. Fixed FormPdfUtil - PDF fail to generate due to shared object. Fixed Calculation Field - Field name ended with similar value are given wrong results. Fixed Process/ Activity info - Exception when invalid number format used in limit. Tuned connection pool timeout settings. Added User Notification - Nested user hash variable support Tuned connection pool timeout settings Improved Performance issue on deadline checking.  Improve performance of XPDL image generation.  Fixed Memory leak while storing form data. Fixed FormDataUpdateTool hitting java.s

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