New Joget v4 Beta 2 Release

Since our first release of v4 last May, we have been getting a lot of feedback from potential new and existing customers who are currently using v3 stable.

We are officially making a second Beta release today. This is a highly anticipated release for those who are evaluating Joget v4 in particular.

Joget v4 Beta 2 would feature vast security related improvements and all round improvements on most of its features.

These are some of the highlights:-

- Added DataEncryption interface and its implementation
- Added Security Enhanced Directory Manager
- Automatically assign normal user role if user is created by a non-admin user
- Prevent possible cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities
- Show generic message and log stack trace to log file when ERROR 500
- Secured all passwords from rendering directly in HTML
- Secured Process Start White List by default for newly deployed processes.
- Support HTTP basic authentication
- Updated API requests that modify state to accept POST only to prevent CSRF
- User profile update requires authentication

- Added caching for form data dao and shark id generation
- Added caching for SetupManager
- System Setting : Added support for File Upload Size Limit configuration.

- Added Admin Bar and Front-End Editing
- Added App Center
- Added App Generator
- Added Mobile Userview
- Simplified interface in property editor dialogs

- Added Password Validator
- Datalist Inbox - Added Userview Key parameter functionality.
- Date Data List Filter Type : Added support for Display and Data Format
- Date Picker Field : Added support for manual input
- Date Range Data List Filter Type : Added support for Display and Data Format
- Directory Form Binder : Added support for group, organization, department & grade
- Directory Validator : Added support to validate group, grade, department & organization.
- Options Datalist Filter Type - Added support to display as text field and auto complete.
- Multi Select Box : Added support for default value
- Password Field : Password encrypted by default
- Popup Select Box : Added support for default value
- Popup Select Box : Added support for for passing field value as url parameters of datalist
- Soap Tool : Added support for complex data type
- Text Field : Added support for data encryption
- User Profile Menu : User profile update requires authentication.

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