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Accelerated Application Development with Low-Code and Cloud Native Platforms: Are You Ready for the New Normal?

“I want to create applications rapidly and innovate from ideation to reality.” As the COVID-19 pandemic forces many of us to work remotely from home, digitization has become increasingly important especially when we are not able to access paper documents in the office. One of the major problems would be the traditional businesses struggling to retain their loyal customers due to reasons such as insufficient workforce, tight deadlines and inadequate budget.  Every single business has been forced to change in ways they are operating and how they are interfacing with their customers. Traditional ways have been challenged in the new normal and so is application delivery with the speed and cost it has to be delivered. The Forrester report, The State Of Low-Code Platform Adoption, 2018 shows how low code platforms can address some of the traditional challenges with application development and delivery: Key issues in traditional application development In many industries, businesses often nee

Joget Marketplace 2.0: A Valuable Resource for Non-Coders, Low-Coders and Pro-Coders

“Is there a ready-made application template for me to download and customize according to my business needs? If possible, I want to use it as it is too!” The Joget team is pleased to announce that we have officially rolled out a freshly redesigned Joget Marketplace , which would definitely boost your user experience with its cleaner, brighter and simpler feel.  The Joget Marketplace 2.0 enables customers , partners and third-party innovators to easily leverage new applications, plugins and solutions to address their digital transformation needs. It equips organizations with its wide range of product availability, ranging from  healthcare apps for contact tracing to workflow management apps for a remote workforce, where businesses are able to extensively scale down application development time and optimize their resources to cater to the increased market demands and resolve customer problems.  As a bonus, all apps and plugins in the Joget Marketplace are made available for immediate

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