Accelerated Application Development with Low-Code and Cloud Native Platforms: Are You Ready for the New Normal?

Accelerated Application Development with Low-Code and Cloud Native Platforms

“I want to create applications rapidly and innovate from ideation to reality.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic forces many of us to work remotely from home, digitization has become increasingly important especially when we are not able to access paper documents in the office. One of the major problems would be the traditional businesses struggling to retain their loyal customers due to reasons such as insufficient workforce, tight deadlines and inadequate budget. 

Every single business has been forced to change in ways they are operating and how they are interfacing with their customers. Traditional ways have been challenged in the new normal and so is application delivery with the speed and cost it has to be delivered.

The Forrester report, The State Of Low-Code Platform Adoption, 2018 shows how low code platforms can address some of the traditional challenges with application development and delivery:

Key Issues in Traditional Application Development
Key issues in traditional application development

In many industries, businesses often need to deal with the constraints of having not enough resources and lack of flexibility in their application development initiatives. Customer requirements and market demands are getting more complicated and harder to fulfill, while the amount of time taken to develop enterprise applications are getting longer. 

Accelerated Application Development with Low-Code and Cloud Native Platforms
Accelerated application development with low-code and cloud native platforms

From Ideation to Reality: Accelerate Application Development
As the new normal starts to kick in, it is essential for organizations to move on from ideation to reality at a much faster pace. Digital transformation can no longer be delayed as the old ways of working no longer apply in the new normal. Organizations will have to unlock new ways to develop, deliver and scale applications faster than ever before to adapt to rapidly changing business environments. As such, here is where the Joget low-code platform on the Red Hat Marketplace comes into the picture.

Save Up to 70% of Application Development and Delivery Time with Joget and Red Hat OpenShift
Save up to 70% of application development and delivery time with Joget and Red Hat OpenShift

In our recent webinar featuring John Bratincevic, Senior Analyst at Forrester and Lauren Nelson, VP, Research Director at Forrester, we discussed how low-code development tools combined with cloud-native, container, and Kubernetes development platforms and rich solution marketplaces are disrupting the application development landscape through business and IT collaboration.

Joget also shared how the Joget DX low-code platform is integrated with Red Hat OpenShift and the Red Hat Marketplace to greatly accelerate an organization’s digital transformation and citizen development initiatives.

Low-Code Platforms
In the Joget low-code platform, citizen developers are able to use a visual drag-and-drop approach to create enterprise applications. IT and tech savvy power users can customize applications according to their own needs by adding only a minimal amount of scripting or coding when necessary. As a result, organizations are able to improve their productivity with decreased costs, at a faster pace of application development and delivery time which eventually turns into a higher customer satisfaction rate.

We at Joget are continuously focused on enabling our customers for speed to market with their digital transformation initiatives. Aligning our low-code open source platform with cloud native technologies like Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Marketplace for hybrid cloud provides tremendous capabilities for our customers to supercharge their digitization and transformation initiatives. said Raveesh Dewan, Chief Executive Officer at Joget, Inc.  

“We documented quite concretely and specifically that the firms that had low code already are the ones that were able to meet the crisis head on.” said John Bratincevic. According to the examples shown, a COVID volunteer app was developed in 24 hours while an employee-tracking app was built over a weekend. To explain further, here are the 3 reasons to use low-code in your enterprise application development:
  • Speed: Application development cycle is up to 10 times faster than traditional coding
  • Adaptability and innovation: Highly adaptable and accelerate innovation
  • Citizen development: Empower non-coders to create enterprise applications without the need to code

Cloud Native Platforms
Cloud native technology is often being regarded as the future of enterprise IT as it helps to accelerate and automate the application development journey. 

As Cloud Adoption Levels Off, Containers Rise
Source: Joget webinar featuring Forrester’s Lauren Nelson and John Bratincevic - Accelerated Application Development with Low-Code and Cloud Native Platforms: Are You Ready for the New Normal? 

“24% of developers regularly use containers on public clouds. It does go to show how common container usage is among developers. When IT gets involved, it is more around supporting container adoption for either their projects or projects that their developers are running. It shows the next level of maturity within container strategies. Today, 30% of IT professionals report that they support container adoption, showing that containers are quickly entering the next stages of maturity.” said Lauren Nelson.

In addition to that, as stated in our previous article about cloud native and low-code, Red Hat Marketplace has been launched to provide a simpler way to try, buy and manage certified enterprise software for cloud native environments, while Red Hat OpenShift is here to fulfil the infrastructure layer with an assured quality, enhanced security and additional developer features certified and supported by Red Hat. 

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