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New Joget Workflow v4 Training screencasts and slides uploaded

As part of our continous effort to make learning Joget easier, we have uploaded numerous new training screencasts and training slides of Joget Workflow v4. Below is the complete listing to date. Module Module Name Level Links 1 Introduction to Joget Workflow General Video | Slides 2 Setting up Joget Workflow General Video | Slides 3 Designing your first Process on Joget Workflow App Designer Video | Slides 4 Localizing your Joget Workflow General Video  | Slides 5 Designing your first Form on Joget Workflow App Designer Video | Slides 6 Using your first Process Tool – Email App Designer Video | Slides 7 Designing your first Datalist on Joget Workflow App Designer Video | Slides 8 Designing your first Userview on Joget Workflow App Designer Video | Slides 9 Hash Variable App Designer Video | Slides 10 Permission Control App Designer Video | Slides 11 SLA and Deadlines App Designer Video | Slides 12 V

Joget Workflow v5 Beta is Released for Public Testing

After more than 3 months of intensive private beta testing, the first public beta for Joget Workflow v5 is now available for download. What's New and Downloads New features include a new App Center, web-based Process Builder, Performance Analyzer, and more.  Check out all the new v5 features and download here . Get Started with v5 Learn with the Getting Started Guide in the Knowledge Base.

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