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How to Queue Safely and Maintain Social Distancing? Queue Digitally!

Following up on our blog series on safety during these times of caution, and in line with our previous articles in this series, Open Source Low Code and Process Automation for Remote Work , Travel Advisory Tracking App , and Manage Your Company Remotely With The Internal Service Request App , we would like to introduce a new app called the Queue Safely App. In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves having to maintain social distancing and observing new norms as we go about our daily business activities and fulfilling necessities.  Customer-facing and retail businesses are especially affected when offering their goods and services from their offices or retail stores. Queuing plays an important part in this new normal where customers/visitors are required to maintain a safe distance from each other in order to stem any potential infections. Mobile phone and tablet view of the Queue Admin Panel Easy to get started and set up. Admin users will be able to manage queues