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Joget DX 8 Beta Released! 5 Best New Features

Announcing the Beta Release of Joget DX 8 After months of intensive development, Team Joget is pleased to announce that the beta release for Joget DX 8 is now available. Joget empowers open innovation by enabling everyone, regardless of technical proficiency or background, to develop enterprise-grade applications. The next generation Joget DX 8 platform is designed with a focus on User Experience (UX) and Governance to unleash the full potential of citizen development .  The 5 Best New Features Introduced in Joget DX 8 Beta 1. Redesigne d App Center Joget DX 8 comes with a beautifully redesigned App Center , with additional features specifically designed for citizen developers and administrators. Best of all, the App Center itself is a Joget app, so it can be customized to suit any organization’s needs. 2.  Accelerated Development with App Templates Joget DX 8 introduces App Templates , which provide a quick way to rapidly kickstart app development based on pre-exist

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Joget DX 8 Beta Released! 5 Best New Features

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