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Joget Workflow v5 Released

It's here! The Joget team is excited to announce that the stable version of  Joget Workflow v5  is now released. Joget Workflow is an open source platform to easily build enterprise web apps for cloud and mobile. Build full-fledged apps e.g. CRM, HR, Healthcare, etc  Drag and drop forms, lists, UI  Add workflow to automate processes  Extend via plugins  Apps are mobile optimized and cloud ready  Download ready made apps from the Joget Marketplace Introduction Videos What’s New in v5? The following is a summary of what's new: New App Center New Admin Sidebar Seamless App Installation from the Joget Marketplace New Web-Based Process Builder  Improved App Generator Improved App Theme Flexibility New Form Signature New Audit Trail For Forms New and Enhanced App Plugins Performance Analyzer Upgrades Under The Hood Performance and Scalability Enhancements Find out in more detail here: R

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