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Double Transformation: Low-Code and Cloud Native to Supercharge Application Development

    “Speeding up enterprise application development without worrying about the underlying infrastructure, how can that be done?” With increasing demands from the digital workforce, many organizations are looking for new ways to reimagine and rearchitect their business processes to cope with constraints of the linear and rigid traditional application development methodology. Having said that, what kind of platforms and technologies can organizations leverage to resolve their business challenges and stay agile to react to changes? According to Forrester Predictions 2021: Software Development , by the end of 2021, 75% of development shops will be using low-code platforms, up from 44% using or planning to adopt in 2020. To cope with limitations brought by the traditional application building approach, modernized application development is built for change to enable businesses to rapidly build scalable applications using a visual approach , and this is where low-code platforms like Joget c

DISINI™ Vehicle Inspection & Insurance App

The DISINI™ Vehicle Inspection & Insurance App is an application that can be used standalone or in a composable application environment on the Joget DX low-code platform. Enterprises will be able to use the application to manage their fleet of vehicles, track insurance policies expiry and conduct regular vehicle inspections. Summary of the App features are: Track your vehicles' insurance policies and set email reminders of the renewals. Assign inspectors to conduct scheduled vehicle inspections. Supervisors will be able to set reminder notifications for the inspectors of upcoming vehicle inspections. Inspectors will be able to check their calendars for scheduled inspections that have been assigned to them. Create and manage inspection checklists templates for the many vehicle types. Inspectors will be able to update and check their Dashboard for inspection tasks. Supervisors will be able to keep track of all assigned inspection tasks and follow up accordingly. The following ar

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DISINI™ Vehicle Inspection & Insurance App

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