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Joget Workflow v6 Released

It's here! The Joget team is excited to announce that the stable version of  Joget Workflow v6  is now released. Joget Workflow is a modern open source low-code/no-code app development platform that makes it faster and easier to build enterprise applications and automate processes. Watch the introduction tutorial below to see the simplicity of the platform in action. Feature Overview App Center The App Center is a customizable landing page providing users with quick and secure access to apps.  ​Seamless integration with the  Joget Marketplace  allows for easy downloads of additional apps and plugins. Processes Drag and drop to visually build and configure process workflows.  Supports simple or complex processes including synchronous or asynchronous deadlines for reminders or escalation requirements. Forms ​Drag and drop to visually build and configure forms.  ​Many powerful form elements for diverse needs including grids, spreadsheets, signa

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