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Google Apps, Slack, Joget Workflow Mobile App and More

Joget Workflow v5 has been released, finally! It was delayed by a couple of months as we had put a lot of focus on security, complying to audits done by some of the biggest names in security such as HP Fortify, Veracode and Rapid7 AppSpider. If you want to see what was remediated, you can check the CHANGES.txt document of the v5 release. It is exactly a month into v5 release, so what's next? Let us share with you what is happening right now! Joget Workflow For Google Apps  We just released Joget Workflow For Google Apps  on the Google Apps Marketplace. You can  check out the listing here . Joget Workflow For Google Apps on the Google Apps Marketplace Access Joget Workflow via the Google Apps menu. If you are a Google Apps user, you can now subscribe to  Joget Workflow For Google Apps , where you will be able to access Joget Workflow from your Google Apps menu. Joget Workflow For Google Apps  works with  Joget Workflow On-Demand . You will be able to tr

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