Transforming Customer Onboarding: How Allied Benefit Systems Achieved Reporting Accuracy and Streamlined Business Processes with No-code/Low-code.

To optimize business operations and ensure accurate reporting, Allied Benefit Systems empowered business users and delivered a Customer Onboarding Platform built on no-code/low-code within three months.

Effective onboarding processes play a crucial role in creating a positive impression on new customers. Yet, many businesses still need to rely on manual methods that can be time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient.

Allied Benefit Systems (Allied), a US-based healthcare solutions company that prioritizes people, understands the importance of streamlined onboarding. As the largest independent third-party administrator in the US, Allied designs tailored self-insurance benefits solutions that integrate innovative medical management and cost-control strategies.  

The company collaborates with clients and benefits consultants to institute plans that support the best options for employees and their families. However, Allied's existing onboarding process was managed through spreadsheets and local databases, leading to issues such as a lack of integration, security risks, and manual processes prone to human errors. The current system needed help keeping track of Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance and breaches, and there needed to be more oversight for managing SLA violations. Additionally, recurring activities such as updating business rules, adding new products/services, and onboarding new customers required the involvement of local technology-savvy personnel, which caused inefficiencies.


Developed and deployed an end-to-end customer onboarding platform on Joget DX within 3 months.


Addressing Challenges Head-On

To address these challenges, Allied engaged with a partner of Joget, Mokxa Technologies, a global business and technology solutions provider focused on delivering peace of mind to its clients by simplifying enterprise IT through hybrid thinking and game-changing solutions.

Together, they examined the existing processes and identified areas with the most potential for complications. They then identified preferred solutions and requirement mapping beforehand as part of the scope before starting development on Joget DX. They also kept a close pulse on issues that arose and proactively brought those to the team's attention to be addressed. 

On top of that, they mapped out a timeline that accommodates the upcoming busy quarter and ensures buy-in from all teams. In addition, they always maintained an effective communication strategy with the Mokxa and Joget teams in coordination with Allied's transformation journey.

Within 3 months, Mokxa and Allied successfully developed and deployed an end-to-end customer onboarding platform on Joget DX.


"With living, breathing processes, the ability of citizen developers to change, enhance, and develop quickly is a lot easier within the low-code platform."
Allison Swisher, VP Operations, Allied Benefit Systems.


Seamless Customization and End-to-End Tracking

Capitalizing on the Joget open source no-code / low-code platform, a comprehensive customer onboarding solution was developed and deployed in just three months. This user-friendly platform empowered Allied’s citizen developers, bypassing the need for specialized technical skills. The final solution features digitized forms, automated business processes, integrated rules, and synchronized workflows, all while effortlessly integrating with the company's vital systems—such as the enterprise data warehouse and active directory. Additionally, the platform features an intuitive record management system, enabling business users to smoothly initiate, monitor, update, and complete the onboarding process. By introducing this cutting-edge onboarding solution, manual procedures became a thing of the past, paving the way for remarkable advancements in efficiency, accuracy, and security. Allied's decision to minimize its dependence on technical expertise allowed business users to actively engage in the development process. This team-oriented strategy culminated in a streamlined, highly effective, and rewarding onboarding journey for both the company and its valued clients.


An Increase of 50% Productivity 
Projected an Overall 27% Return of Investment (ROI)

In conclusion, Allied has successfully implemented an innovative workflow orchestration that has transformed its onboarding processes. By fostering collaboration between business users and IT, the company has achieved a streamlined onboarding process that has resulted in impressive outcomes in no time. With an innovative workflow orchestration and an effective change management strategy through citizen development and low code, Allied has successfully onboarded nearly 2000 groups within a short span of 6 weeks. The company is also projected to achieve a 50% productivity improvement across its client onboarding processes with an overall 27% ROI. This success story highlights the importance of embracing digital transformation, citizen development, and low-code technologies to achieve optimal business outcomes. 


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