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Joget Workflow v3 - Part 2 - Form Design Tutorial

This is the second part of the video to develop a Joget Workflow v3 app, in this case the Claims App. Earlier, we talked about on how to design a process . In this video, we will be showing you on how to design forms for the activities created in the process design below. We will be designing the following forms using the form builder. Submit Claim Claim Submitted Approve Claim Verify Claim Claim Item In this tutorial, you will be learning the following:- Creating form and mapping the form to a process activity. Using subform to populate existing form into form design. Generating Reference Number in the form. Using Form Grid element and Multirow Form Binder to handle multi-row/grid form data. Map form value into Workflow Variable to dictate the process flow. Automatically populate form field using hash variable . When watching any video tutorials, it is advisable to pause the video constantly to keep up with the steps. Please do not hesit

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