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Building A Cloud or Mobile App with Joget Workflow v4 (Beta)

Yeah! We have released Joget Workflow v4 Beta! Since v3's release in 2011, our emphasis was that Joget Workflow is no longer just a workflow engine but a platform for developers or general IT savvy individuals to develop web apps; and that workflow is there for those who need it. This move has expanded Joget Workflow's market space and opened up a whole new spectrum of possibilities for Joget Workflow to be a platform for developing web apps. Throw in the fact that we try to allow users to develop web apps without coding or programming (well, at least for light weight apps) and we have a hard core debate between the business users and the programmers on whether it is codeless or code less... LOL. So what's up with v4? In a nut shell, v4 allows users to not only develop web apps, but web apps that are built and run on the cloud (PaaS if you will :-). From the mobile perspective all web apps developed on v4 are optimized for mobile. Users will be able to install a ge

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