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Joget DX 8 Beta Released! 5 Best New Features

Announcing the Beta Release of Joget DX 8 After months of intensive development, Team Joget is pleased to announce that the beta release for Joget DX 8 is now available. Joget empowers open innovation by enabling everyone, regardless of technical proficiency or background, to develop enterprise-grade applications. The next generation Joget DX 8 platform is designed with a focus on User Experience (UX) and Governance to unleash the full potential of citizen development .  The 5 Best New Features Introduced in Joget DX 8 Beta 1. Redesigne d App Center Joget DX 8 comes with a beautifully redesigned App Center , with additional features specifically designed for citizen developers and administrators. Best of all, the App Center itself is a Joget app, so it can be customized to suit any organization’s needs. 2.  Accelerated Development with App Templates Joget DX 8 introduces App Templates , which provide a quick way to rapidly kickstart app development based on pre-exist

What Everybody Ought to Know About Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain When Combined With No-Code

  Introduction to Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and blockchain are disruptive technologies that provide secure and decentralized information exchange. However, not many have yet to fully understand and fathom what blockchain is, where it will be in the next decade, and why their transactions are more secure than their predecessors. Today in this whitepaper, we will cover everything you need to know about DLT and blockchain technology, along with the underlying potential that this new wave is bringing to enterprises. When it comes to Distributed Ledger Technology, abbreviated as DLT, and the rising star blockchain technology, we need to focus on two words — decentralized and immutable. Decentralization means that all data is stored on the network in a distributed manner and stored on millions of computers simultaneously so that we don’t have to rely on a central authority to make decisions. Immutable, on the other hand, refers to the fa

The 6 Governance Strategies to Optimize Citizen Development

The Importance of Citizen Development In modern times, it is no longer business as usual and businesses must innovate and embrace digital transformation to survive. Off-the-shelf software will not be enough and businesses need more app development, process automation and workflow management than ever before. There is a global shortage of software developers, so how will businesses cope?  Citizen development is the answer, by empowering tech-savvy business users to build apps and innovate. Some statistics to illustrate the problem: Source: Source: Source: What is Citizen Development? Gartner defines a citizen developer as “a user who creates new business applications for consumption by others using developm

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