Joget Workflow v6 Released

It's here! The Joget team is excited to announce that the stable version of Joget Workflow v6 is now released.

Joget Workflow is a modern open source low-code/no-code app development platform that makes it faster and easier to build enterprise applications and automate processes.

Watch the introduction tutorial below to see the simplicity of the platform in action.

Feature Overview

App Center

  • The App Center is a customizable landing page providing users with quick and secure access to apps. 
  • ​Seamless integration with the Joget Marketplace allows for easy downloads of additional apps and plugins.


  • Drag and drop to visually build and configure process workflows. 
  • Supports simple or complex processes including synchronous or asynchronous deadlines for reminders or escalation requirements.


  • ​Drag and drop to visually build and configure forms. 
  • ​Many powerful form elements for diverse needs including grids, spreadsheets, signatures, etc. 


  • Drag and drop to visually build and configure tabular lists and reports. 
  • ​Built-in support for filtering, sorting, paging and exporting to various document formats.


  • ​Say goodbye to uninspired user interfaces expected in business apps, drag and drop to build user interfaces that embraces Google’s Material design philosophy. 
  • ​Responsive to fit desktop and mobile devices, many powerful UI elements such as dashboards, calendar views, charts and many more are available.

Plugins & Integration

  • Dynamic plugin architecture allows for developers to extend functionality of the platform. 
  • Integration to external systems via various APIs and plugins.

What’s New in Joget Workflow v6?

With more than 1,600 installations worldwide across various industries (including finance, manufacturing, IT, and more), Joget Workflow v6 is the next generation of a proven platform for a wide spectrum of users ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies and small businesses.

Joget Workflow v6 has a two pronged focus: User Experience (UX), and App Maintainability and Performance:

User Experience

  • Enhanced App User Experience for Desktop and Mobile 
  • Customizable App Center with Joget Marketplace Integration 
  • Dashboard Capabilities 
  • Calendar View 
  • Unobtrusive Admin and Design Interface 
  • Design Apps Anytime, Anywhere with Support for Touch Devices 
  • Excel-Like Functionality With the Spreadsheet Element 
  • Improved User Experience with AJAX Support in Multi-Paged Forms 

App Maintainability and Performance

  • Improved App Maintainability with Advanced Tools 
  • Enhanced Configuration Options for Codeless Apps 
  • Improved Performance with Userview Caching 
  • Database Connection Monitoring and Leak Detection 
  • Additional Plugins Out of the Box for Greater Flexibility 
  • Latest Upgrades Under The Hood 
  • Improved JSON Tool for Integration 
  • Simpler Email Configuration with Platform-Wide Settings 
  • Enhanced Security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 
Find out in more detail here:

Why Joget Workflow?

Joget Workflow combines the best of business process management (BPM), workflow, and rapid application development in a platform that’s simple, flexible and open.
  • Web-based visual approach empowers non-coders to build and maintain apps anytime, anywhere 
  • Reduces time to market, from months to weeks or days 
  • Apps built are mobile ready, cloud ready 
  • APIs for integration and plugin architecture for extensibility 
  • "App Store" for enterprise apps - Joget Marketplace 
The trend toward low-code and no-code open source platforms is disrupting the enterprise app development space. As the world becomes increasingly digital, software is more important than ever to enterprises as part of their digital transformation strategy.

Instead of traditional enterprise software development approaches taking years of effort resulting in inflexible solutions, app development on the Joget Workflow platform is more accessible and manageable to coders and non-coders alike.


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