Go Paperless with Joget DX: An Open Source, No-Code/Low-Code Application Platform

Go paperless and reduce paper processes

“I want to get rid of tedious and repetitive paperwork which has taken a lot of my time.”

According to Forrester’s Q1 2020 Digital Process Automation Survey, over 70% of organizations have paper-based process dependencies. In other words, many companies are still struggling to deal with hundreds to thousands of data entries and paper processes manually each day. This has resulted in decreased productivity, higher expenses spent on buying papers and printers, time wasted to search for a document and eventually miscommunication might occur. 

Forrester digital process automation survey

Digitize Paper Processes with Joget DX
Businesses can start developing their own enterprise apps to cater to different needs and requirements. Organizations can better manage daily workflows, automate tasks and avoid delays in processes and procedures with monitoring. Questions that most organizations often struggle with:
  • “What are the ways to kick start this digital transformation journey?” 
  • “Are there any simple ways to get started?”
  • “Do we need special skills in our organization to start with digital transformation?”
Yes - you can get started with no special skills with Joget DX. As a no-code/low-code platform, Joget DX empowers both coders and non-coders to build enterprise apps, with little to zero coding knowledge required. To transform a paper form into a digital Joget form, you would only need to drag and drop the desired elements to the respective sections.

All apps created in Joget DX are mobile responsive and they come with features such as Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). You can also download the Report Builder Addon Plugin from the Joget Marketplace to design and customize reports, constantly keep track of your work progress and make relevant decisions based on the insights obtained. 

Explore the four default builders in Joget DX:

Joget Form Builder
Form Builder - drag any of the form element into the form section.

Joget Datalist Builder
Datalist Builder - design the layout of data displayed with features such as sorting, filtering and exporting.

Joget Process Builder
Process Builder - customize processes using elements such as activity, tool and route. 

Joget Userview Builder
Userview Builder - improve the outlook of the app menu using different userview elements.

Get Started:
Sign up for a free account on Joget Cloud to start building your own enterprise app or download the ready-made apps and plugins from the Joget Marketplace via the App Center.  

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