Announcing the Launch of Tech for Humanity Program: Leading the Community in Their Digital Journey

Tech For Humanity

“I would like to help the charity organizations to solve their complex challenges by making use of innovation and today’s technology.”

Is this what you have on your mind? Or are you a non-profit organization that is looking for an open source platform to begin your innovation journey?

Leading the community in their digital journey
Although Covid-19 has been affecting the way we live and placing us in an unprecedented situation, it has made us realize the importance of a human centric approach. Additionally, it has made us aware of how we can create out-of-the-box solutions to resolve complex challenges by combining human imagination, creativity and resourcefulness with the right technology.

As such, the Joget team is delighted to announce the launch of our Tech for Humanity program, aiming to help and support charity/non-profit organizations to leverage the Joget low-code platform to build and customize their own enterprise applications. 

See how other charity/non-profit organizations have used Joget
"Doctors without Borders recently chose Joget for their Mini-Lab Project. The ability of quickly building an app that meets our need makes Joget a precious resource in the project." 

Read the full story about Doctors Without Borders at the Joget Blog.

"The NZ charity needed a quick, easy and scalable solution to allow communities to track their waste minimization impact, and collate statistical data on the progress made towards offering real alternatives of single-use plastic bags that are responsible for a major part of plastic pollution into the ocean."

Read the full story about Boomerang Bags, New Zealand at the Joget Blog.

Get started
If you are a Joget customer and you would like to support the non-profit organizations; or if you are a charity organization who would like to make use of the Joget low-code platform, please send us an email at or use the form here to let us know.

Any organizations that purchased or purchase the enterprise licenses of the Joget low-code platform will be able to donate free licenses to their choice of charity/NGO or non-profit organization. This comes along with ready-made applications that they can leverage from the Joget Marketplace at no cost. Below are some examples of the applications:
Check out the following resources to learn more about Joget DX, the open source, no-code/low-code application platform:
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