Joget Workflow v3.1 BETA Is Here!

Joget Workflow v3.1 BETA is now available for public download!

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Joget Workflow is an open source web-based workflow software to develop workflow and Business Process Management applications.
More than just a workflow or BPM platform, Joget offers full-fledged agile development capabilities (consisting of processes, forms, lists, CRUD and UI), not just back-end EAI/orchestration/integration or the task-based interface for traditional workflow/BPM products. So for example, build a sales force automation app instead of just a sales quotation approval process.

What's new in the v3.1 BETA? The primary focus of the v3.1 release is a cleaner, more streamlined user interface along with enhanced form and reporting features.

New Streamlined Design

The web console UI for building and monitoring apps have been given a face-lift to sport a cleaner, more streamlined look with more usable space.

Streamlined Web Console

Also included is a shiny new userview theme (called Corporati) for end-users, and a new bundled sample app for an Employee Self Service portal.

New Corporati Userview Theme

Enhanced Form, List and Userview Features

There are many new enhancements to forms, including support for having multiple pages in a form. There are also new form fields to cater to more diverse needs, such as a Popup Select Box and a List Grid (which can be used to select items from a list) as well as an Image Upload field.

New features in data lists and userviews include the ability to add date range filters, and a new Universal Inbox that consolidates all tasks from any app for each user.

Enhanced Reporting through Integration with JasperReports

In addition to using data lists for tabular reports, it is now possible to support more complex reporting requirements through integration with the popular open source reporting platform JasperReports. By using JasperReports report definitions, sophisticated reports with custom layouts and graphs can be generated and viewed directly within a userview with optional export to PDF and Excel.

JasperReports Integration

Better Multi-Language Support

There is improved support for multiple languages by allowing language selection by user. Each user can select his or her preferred language, so this allows for better accessibility in global deployments.

Note: Please note that v3.1 BETA is a beta release meant for testing all the new features and functionalities, and is not recommended for a production environment. The current stable release is v3.0.3.

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  1. Hi, It is great work.
    After checking this new release, I found that bellow modification is highly need for JasperReport:
    1- JasperReport in Joget dose not support unicode strings.
    2- In userview setting, it must include a property grid to add PARAMETER to JasperReport.
    3- The PARAMETER grid must support also Hash variable, and also a popup form generation to user data entry by a switch property to show this form
    4- Default output of jasperreport must be able to choose to HTML, PDF, EXCEL.
    5- In typeof HTML output, the page navigation must be include in output context. Assume a report with 100 pages, so only page navigation can be used in HTML output.
    6- The new Theme dose not support RTL.

    Best regards


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