What's New in Joget Workflow v2?

Not just sleek and cool looking Web 2.0 UI; the navigation design is also further improved in Joget Workflow v2 to enhance user experience.

New Facelift

Well-organized drop-down menu, breadcrumb navigation, form browsing by category, and process thumbnail image are some of the usability enhancements introduced in Joget Workflow v2. Open source software doesn't have to look unappealing.

Userview - Everyone Can Create an Application System

Ever wish for the processes you deploy in Joget Workflow to have a front-end web application system? A leave application system for the leave application process, a travel management system for the flight reservation process and staff recruitment system for the recruitment process.

Now, with Joget Workflow v2, we are able to configure (not develop) a front-end application, known as userview, for each process just by clicking and typing to customize the userview application front-end. So, in addition to performing a workflow task from Workflow Management Console, we can now also create a customizable web application front-end that allows users to:

  • view submitted data
  • view activities requiring his/her attention
  • view aggregated report of all records submitted for an activity
  • search submitted data

    Try out the sample userview that we have bundled into Joget Workflow v2, by navigating to Design Process > Manage Userviews.

    Are you surprised that all these new features are again available out-of-the-box, from an open source software? We're creating and sharing out full-fledge free open source software, not handicapped lite-version free software.

    Mobile View

    To the on-the-move executives, being able to perform or attend to an approval task anytime and from anywhere means improved efficiency, which translates to time and cost saving. Now with Joget Workflow v2, the Mobile View feature enables us to run a process and submit a form from smart phones. The Mobile View is best used in approval activity, in which a decision can be quickly relayed to speed up the turnaround time of a process.

    We have tested Joget Workflow Mobile View with iPhone 3GS, HTC Touch series, Nokia N71/N97 mini and Android 2.1 (WebKit-based).
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