Move Over Native Apps, Progressive Web Apps Are Coming For You

TL;DR Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the future of mobile apps and the web. Start building PWAs using a visual no-code/low-code approach with Joget DX.

IntroductionImagine using an app launched from an icon on your mobile phone, with a user interface that is not only fast and responsive, but also works offline. And you get push notifications when the app isn’t even running. This sounds a lot like a native app, doesn’t it? Not necessarily so, as all this is possible today with Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?Progressive Web Apps are web applications that incorporate additional features such as installing to a device, offline support, background push notifications, fast and responsive user experience, and more. A PWA pushes the boundaries of what a web app is capable of, and blurs the lines between a web and native app.

PWAs are the future of mobile apps and the web. This might seem like a hyperbolic claim but since our last article Progressive Web Apps: A…

How to Solve Your Enterprise App Performance Problems

Enterprise applications are inherently complex, and performance problems are unfortunately a common phenomenon. This article describes some of the most common performance issues, and provides insights to help you identify problems and eventually optimize the performance of your apps. The content here is tailored for the Joget platform, but the information provided can be applied generally for any enterprise environment.

Joget is an open source no-code/low-code application platform that empowers business users, non-coders or coders with a single platform to easily build, deliver, monitor and maintain enterprise applications. Getting apps built and deployed quickly is important, but having them perform well is essential. At the platform level, Joget has been optimized and streamlined as outlined in the article Need for Speed: How We Optimized Performance in the Joget Workflow v6 Platform. The Joget platform already takes care of a lot of things under the hood for running your apps. Howe…