Joget DX 8 General Availability: Elevate Digital Transformation with Advanced UX and Governance Features


The wait is finally over, and we're beyond excited to announce the general availability of Joget DX 8 - the latest version of our flagship open source no-code/low-code platform.

The latest Joget DX 8 release focuses on improving the user experience (UX) and ensuring robust governance capabilities. With this update, we've introduced even more flexibility, speed, and personalization options, all while upholding our commitment to maintaining high levels of security and reliability.

Our community of users has played a crucial role in shaping the latest version of Joget DX 8. Our primary goal was to make the platform more accessible to a diverse range of users, regardless of their skill level or background. By prioritizing accessibility, we aimed to retain our position as a top open source no-code/low-code platform for both business and professional developers. 

Joget DX 8's user-centric approach ensures businesses can provide their customers with visually appealing and highly functional applications, enhancing their overall experience. Additionally, Joget DX 8 offers a robust governance framework that ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards, making it the perfect choice for businesses requiring high security and control over their applications.

UX: Elevating Your User Experience to the Next Level

The new UX features mean faster UI loading times and greater end-user personalization, so you can deliver visually appealing and highly functional applications that enhance the overall user experience.

We've also added a range of other features to make app development even easier and more engaging for you, such as App Templates, Personalized List Views, and support for list templates. These tools allow you to quickly kickstart app development based on pre-existing solutions and customize lists directly from the front-end UI according to your preferences.

Joget DX 8 also seamlessly integrates process configuration within the Process Builder, streamlining data modeling and managing data relationships transparently through the Form Builder.

Governance: Optimizing Security, Efficiency, and Quality Assurance

The upgraded governance features provide maximum security, performance, and quality assurance, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards. This means you can develop applications with high security and control without sacrificing efficiency or speed.

With automated governance health checks and alerts, Joget DX 8 guarantees compliance in critical enterprise areas such as security, performance, and application quality.

Overall, the new UX and advanced governance features of Joget DX 8 mean you can build and deploy applications more efficiently, with a greater focus on user experience and compliance with industry standards. 

Joget DX 8 retains the openness that the Joget platform is renowned for open source, with support for numerous enterprise operating systems, application servers, and databases. As before, there is a multitude of deployment options to suit any environment e.g. On-Premise, On-Demand Cloud, Red Hat Marketplace, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Google Workspace Marketplace, AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, and GCP Marketplace. We're confident that Joget DX 8 will empower you personally and professionally in your digital transformation journey. With Joget DX 8, the possibilities are endless.

We invite you to
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