Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coming to Palm Desert for DEMO Spring

One of the latest community initiatives that we have recently committed to, is keeping up a blog that reflects the "what's going on" aspect of Joget Workflow team. So, aside from the great software that we are developing, you would also be able to understand the vibrant and interesting personalities behind the Joget Workflow project.

Well, I'm now in a lovely quaint town surrounded by San Francisco Bay Area - Sausalito, in a house facing the yacht harbor. While I was taking my warm shower just now, the ideas of writing this post came to my mind -- what an inspiration cultivating place, isn't it?

Sausalito Yacht Harbour

It has been raining almost non-stop today in San Francisco. According to weather forecast, there's a chance of snowfall in San Francisco downtown at sea level, for the first time since 1976! But, we are driving down to Palm Desert tomorrow afternoon, I may miss the century snowfall.

Joget Workflow Coming to Town
You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Joget Workflow is coming to town~
Ya, some of us (me, Michael, Chris and Budhianto the angel investor) are heading South to Palm Desert (9 hours drive) for DEMO Spring 2011, a tech platform to launch or showcase your products and pitch your ideas.

During this vibrant event, we will be showcasing the future of Joget Workflow, which will set a significant benchmark for "application builder" software! Targeted to be released in July 2011, Joget Workflow 3.0 will have major enhancements in the Form Builder, Datalist Builder and Userview Builder. Users will spot a new user-friendly UI that will enable them to design and later assemble their processes, forms, data and web UI into a powerful workflow application. All in a small fraction of the time that would otherwise be required with conventional application programming approach.

Here is a short video teaser to give you a high-level overview about the next BIG thing that is coming from Joget Workflow.

So, if you are coming to the DEMO pavilion, drop by and say "Hi" to us. Let us amaze you with some actual demonstrations of the components.

If you enjoy espresso or beer, feel free to buzz me @tiensoon ;) See you around.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Which Marketing Leaflets Made It?

Since the roll-out of Joget Workflow, we’ve had 3 different leaflet designs. Let’s look back at how they’ve evolved and what we’ve done to improve them.

"Don’t just do it. Joget it." was our first tagline. The concept was to deliver a 'new-born baby' message that attempted to sum up what Joget Workflow can do. Designed in a 3-panel A4-size layout, the first half of the tagline, "Don’t just do it.", graced the cover. Looking back now, we probably need to ask ourselves, "hmm... do what?" I think we really missed that spot.

When the panels are opened, the second half of the tagline, "Joget it.", greets the eyes of readers. But then again, "Joget what?", we ask. Business processes, that is; although one only realizes this after reading the description byline under it.

After a while, we realized that we needed to emphasize Joget Workflow’s core business model. "Automate your processes" or "Do more, code less" were memorable phrases that set out to spotlight "process-process-process" and "code less".

The front side of the leaflet gave an overview of the problems businesses face when working through processes, the main issues being complexity and cost. The page also briefed readers on how Joget Workflow could play a key role in overcoming the problems. The message was straight to the point, calling attention to problems and how they could be solved, but it left a question unanswered --- Who is our target audience?

For our 3rd concept, we wanted to deliver something clear and direct --- what-why-how! Joget Workflow simplifies, rather than automates, your business processes. Among our next possible taglines were:

  • More than just a workflow management system, Joget Workflow v3 is a workflow-ready application builder.
  • With Joget Workflow, YOUR PRODUCT can also be workflow-ready.
  • Powerful but simple. Simple but powerful. Experience Joget Workflow. Everyone’s process application builder.
  • Joget Workflow process application builder. For people who have better ideas.
In our Demo Spring 2011 A5 postcard message, we executed an about-face. Targeting VCs and businesses, we opted for maximum impact with the least number of words we could do with. The outcome was a 3-word tagline that would embody the most essential of Joget Workflow’s objectives --- Simplify your business.