What's New in Joget Workflow v6 BETA 2

Thanks to the great feedback from our beta testers, we’re pleased to announce the availability of the new Joget Workflow v6 Beta 2 release. This release contains many new features, enhancements and fixes as we strive to become the best open source workflow and low-code/no-code application platform.

What’s New in Joget Workflow v6 Beta 2?

Enhanced Security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

User logins can now be secured with built-in support for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), working with TOTP standard mobile apps like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

Excel-Like Functionality With the Spreadsheet Element

The Spreadsheet element provides Excel-like functionality with formulas and functions, as well as support for file and image uploads.

Improved User Experience with AJAX Support in Multi-Paged Forms

Multi-Paged Forms provide an improved user experience with AJAX support, allowing for switching between pages without the need for full page reloads.

Improved JSON Tool for Integration

The JSON Tool provides more built-in integration options to external systems, with support for POST requests, request headers, payloads, debug mode, etc.

Simpler Email Configuration with Platform-Wide Settings

Platform-wide default SMTP email settings are now available in the General Settings, allowing a single configuration to be applied across all apps and plugins.

Tons of Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

The full detailed list of changes are available in the CHANGES.txt of the installation bundles.

All these changes are on top of all the great stuff already available in the first beta as described in What is New in Joget Workflow v6.

Get Started

Download and get started with Joget Workflow v6 Beta 2 now. If you’re already running the first v6 Beta, you can upgrade your installation.

Please note that beta releases are meant for test and development purposes. For production environments, the stable release Joget Workflow v5 is readily available.


  1. Great improvements - looking forward to testing them and providing more detailed feedback soon!

  2. Thanks, Eric.

    We look forward to your feedback.


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