Why The Application-Centric Design in Joget Workflow v3?

Our previous blog post, Sneak Preview of Joget Workflow v3, has gotten a lot of attention from Joget Workflow adopters as well as industry watchers in the BPM space. Many people are surprised with the application-centric approach that we are pursuing, but at the same time, the comments and feedbacks we have received have been very encouraging!

Why The Application-Centric Design?

not just automating processes, but building apps

We have learnt a lot in the 19 months since the public release of v1.0. Based on observing numerous implementations of Joget Workflow, we were able to gather a couple of interesting facts:
  1. Process automation is just part of the implementation use case. Most of the time, what a customer actually needs ultimately, is an application.
  2. Process automation is just part of the implementation use case. A customer also needs reports in tabular format and the ability to easily export the records.
As Joget Workflow's design goal heads towards maximal "simplicity", it doesn't make sense for us not to address the actual customer needs commonly observed in most implementations.

Simplicity Redefined

You can still choose to develop processes with Joget Workflow v3 and integrate them into your preferred web frontend such as WordPress, Drupal, Liferay and SharePoint.

Joget Workflow v3 Userview Builder

But, if you prefer to stay with minimal integration points, the new Userview Builder will enable you to create a web frontend that includes the following features:
  1. Link to form
  2. Link to HTML page
  3. Link to URL
  4. Link to tabular report (list), with export feature
  5. Link to process
“Less is more”. Simpler architecture, better manageability.


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