Joget Workflow Redefines How Process-Driven Web Applications Are Built

Sunnyvale, California – (15 July 2010): Open Dynamics Inc. today announced a new version of Joget Workflow, furthering its goal of allowing businesses a simple and easy way of automating their business processes.

Two and a half months since the release of Version 2.0 for beta testing, Joget Workflow Version 2.0 has now graduated from Beta with a list of new features and user experience enhancements.

Java-based Joget Workflow began as an open source workflow management system built with simplicity in mind and is now progressing towards the goal of being an application builder for process-driven applications, starting from the release of Version 2.0, with a new feature called Userview.

"Since Jan 2010, Joget Workflow has received more than 6000 downloads and a great deal of enthusiastic feedback that includes a request for a web front-end application builder," said Tiensoon Law, VP, Technical Consulting. "Now with the release of Version 2.0, we have equipped users with a tool to build a web front-end application without any coding. This is exciting!"

Typically, in almost all of the workflow products, users are faced with a task-driven user interface. When a workflow activity is started, the relevant user will get a new task, such as to fill up or approve a form. But, the task list does not present a meaningful front-end aggregated view commonly expected in a web application, which includes sorting and searching. The limited task-driven user interface, often leads to the need for companies to custom develop a web front-end application, which involves additional cost, time and resources.

In Joget Workflow Version 2.0, by using the Userview feature, a user can configure to build a web front-end application from the processes deployed, to display record listings in various perspectives as a full- fledged web application. “With Userview, companies will be able to save the additional cost of building a web front-end application,” Tiensoon added. “The configure-to-build approach of Userview will allow users to assemble a process-driven web application.”

Other new features include:
• Mobile view
• New facelift with improved navigation and user experience
• Enhanced Form Builder
• RSS support
• Enhanced integration security
• User and group search in Participant Mapping
• Support for RTL (right-to-left) languages, such as Arabic
• Improved export/import of workflow and userview packages

Open Dynamics Inc. will be conducting product demos during OSCON 2010 (O'Reilly Open Source Convention) from 21st to 22nd July, at Booth #219.

Kindly click here to download our complete Press Release (PDF).


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