Community Contributed Joget Apps and Plugins

We started a community contributed section in our marketplace and in our community site a while back. Since then, we have been exploring ways to allow the developer community to develop Joget apps or plugins that can be shared to the rest of the Joget community either commercially or as free to use.

The e-book, "Easy Joget v3 for Absolute Beginner" contributed by Madeng, has been downloaded/viewed more than 9,000 times. Followed by "Liferay Directory Manager Plugin 1.0", which garnered 60 downloads and "Protected Text Field Form Plugin v1.0" with 47 downloads.

Check out the latest contributions, a very useful Property Hash Variable Plugin that allows users to retrieve a property value from any properties file placed in the "wflow" folder; and the Google Apps Directory Manager Plugin, that allows Google Apps users to integrate with Joget Workflow.

For more info on how to use the Google Apps Directory Manager Plugin, check out the video below:

[The plugin is no longer available, as the Google API has been deprecated - Edited 7/30/2015]

In the months ahead, we hope to get feedback from the developers and users on how we can help them help the community. If you have any ideas on how we can increase the participation of the community, we will be glad to hear them :-)

If you are interested to develop Joget plugins or apps, to sell them or give away for free in the Community Contributed section of our marketplace, please let  us know (info[at], and we will be very happy to provide you with more info. Or if you just want to explore, you should check out the following:

  • To get started with developing Joget Apps, start here.
  • To get started with developing Joget plugins, start here and here.

If you have some thoughts to share, please feel free to comment below. Thanks.


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