A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming in Joget Workflow v6

As an open source platform to easily build enterprise web apps for cloud and mobile, Joget Workflow has managed to build up a pretty large community of more than 1,600 installations and 9,100 community members to date. With a number of glowing customer testimonials and positive reviews on Capterra and GetApp.com, the platform is growing each day towards making app development simpler and more accessible.

The current v5 release provides a combination of nice new features, stability and security. However, there are a couple of focus areas for the next major release. Based on all the great feedback we have gotten from our community, and aligning with our vision for the future of app development, there will be a dual pronged focus in Joget Workflow v6: User Experience (UX), and App Maintainability and Performance.

User Experience and Mobility

User Experience (UX) and mobility are the Achilles' heel for enterprise apps. As consumer apps and sites redefine UX, enterprise software are often clunky in comparison. A key focus of v6 is to have Joget Workflow apps present a great user experience, learning from lessons in the consumer app world. Incorporating elements from Google’s Material design, mobile device responsiveness, and even touch support for designing apps (imagine using an iPad to build and maintain apps!), building beautiful and user friendly apps will be easier than ever.

App Maintainability and Performance

The major challenge in app development is not building it the first time, but rather maintaining and evolving it over time. A big focus in v6 is improving app maintainability, with additional tools to manage dependencies and to automatically merge concurrent team changes. Performance is also another key focus area. We plan to have tools to help app designers optimize their apps more easily through easy-to-use caching, and to prevent common app performance bottlenecks such as detection of database connection leaks.

The v6 roadmap has yet to be finalized, but there has been good progress and there should be a series of future articles to describe all the great stuff we have in store. Stay tuned!


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