A Sneak Peek at the Next Generation Open Source Digital Transformation Platform

The Joget platform started as the open source Joget Workflow project on SourceForge in 2009. Initially a workflow engine for business process automation, Joget evolved into a full-fledged application development platform in its third major release Joget Workflow v3 in 2011, back before the term “low code” was even coined by Forrester in 2014. With almost 200,000 open source downloads and more than 10,000 community members since inception, the latest major release Joget Workflow v6 was introduced in early 2018.

As we near the 10th anniversary of the Joget open source project, the trend towards low-code and no-code open source platforms is disrupting the enterprise app development space. According to Gartner, “by 2020, at least 50% of all new business applications will be created with high-productivity toolsets.”

Looking at the direction of the application development industry, the hottest technology trends today revolve around a whole truckload of acronyms: AI (Artificial Intelligence), DevOps (Development and Operations), APM (Application Performance Management), UX (User Experience), PWA (Progressive Web Apps). So which of these major technologies are to be incorporated into the next generation Joget platform? And the answer is.. “all of the above”. As we evaluated each one, we realized that they are all critical in enterprise app development today and in the coming future, so we HAVE to incorporate them all.

Today, we are unveiling Joget DX, the next generation successor to Joget Workflow. From Workflow to Digital Transformation (DX), the product name change reflects the complete digital transformation capabilities offered by the platform.

This is something we have been working hard on for some time, so it is not just a plan. Joget DX will combine the best of business process management (BPM), workflow, and low-code/no-code rapid application development in an open source platform. Some teaser screens shown below:

SPOILER ALERT: a fully functional technical preview might be on the way soon, so stay tuned!


  1. Hello team!
    Excellent work! It is really exciting to hear this news. Some time ago, I had already investigated the possibilities of integrating a business rule engine: it is essential for the current state of business. On the other hand, the integration of AI engines in combination with the large amount of performance data may enhance quality analysis, fraud detection, changes in demand and similar aspects. I want an installer for tests now! Also, let us know the licensing schemes of this new version as soon as possible.


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