Joget Workflow Sets a Significant Milestone in China

I've just came back from Shanghai last night, and over the weekend, our first Accredited Partner in China is officially established via strategic collaboration. Rome was not built in a day though, we have been communicating through email conversations since 3 months ago; but the process turns out to be very fruitful!

Shanghai Valuprosys Technology (上海维略信息科技), the new certified implementation partner, is a team of open source business solutions provider based in one of the most populous cities of China. A lean startup, SVT's team comprises of project managers, functional consultants and technical developers who are experienced in the ERP and logistics domains. They are also geared with more than 5 years of solution implementation experience with IBM, Oracle and Ultimus products.

Pudong night view

Stepping into China with significant traction, is one of our goals of this year, and I'm glad we have done it in half a year! Just the right timing with another 2 quarters to get Joget Workflow implemented for Chinese enterprises. I'm confident that we will be getting some case studies and testimonials from the world's fastest growing major economy, by end of this year.

Commitment is The Answer to Successful Partnership

As part of the partner accreditation programme, we have to make sure that the implementor is geared with competent product knowledge to implement successful projects with Joget Workflow. Prior to my physical visit in Shanghai, SVT has already committed a pool of 9 team members to explore the product capabilities of Joget Workflow, from building a CRM application for a chain of training centers, to digging through the Joget Workflow source codes. This is the kind of commitment that shows the sign for a successful partnership.

“Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the "right stuff" to turn our dreams into reality”, James Womack
And the "right stuff" that SVT possesses, is their commitment in the right combination of talent resources, to bring Joget Workflow into the rapidly growing economy that Silicon Valley companies are eyeing at.

What to Expect from Joget Workflow's Presence in China?

SVT's strategic partnership with us doesn't just confine to project implementation, but some great plans that will benefit the Joget Workflow community in China too!
  1. Chinese forums and knowledge base for Joget Workflow
  2. Continuously translate Joget Workflow into Chinese language
  3. Community meetups in major cities
  4. Integrate Openbravo - an open source ERP, with Joget Workflow
Besides, in terms of collaboration network expansion, SVT also aims to establish partnership with like-minded business solution providers in Beijing and Guangzhou. Once this network is materialized, Joget Workflow will have its presence in all the 3 most influential cities in China. I'm waiting for the day!

Sean (left) receiving certificate of Accredited Partner on behalf of Shanghai Valuprosys Technology

Sean (left) received certificate of Accredited Partner on behalf of SVT.
Silk drawing scroll given by Joget Workflow's first partner in China
Thanks to Shanghai Valuprosys Technology for the souvenir - a silk drawing scroll.

Today, Joget Workflow's ISV partners are spanning across the world continents, from various countries in Asia Pacific, to Middle East, Europe, and South America. If you are one of our ISV partners reading this blog post, and you would like to get your company featured in a dedicated mention like this, contact us to keep us updated with your activities ;)


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