Simplifying the Dev in DevOps: Build a Full App Without Coding in 30 Minutes

DevOps? What’s That?

DevOps is the combination of software DEVelopment and IT OPerationS to deliver software faster. It is a hot movement in the technical community today as part of an organization’s digital transformation strategy.

For the OPS portion of DevOps, there is great focus in practices like continuous integration and technologies such as containerization and IT automation with tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, etc.

On the other hand, a big advancement in the DEV portion of DevOps is the emergence of low code platforms such as Appian, Mendix, Joget, etc.

Simplifying the Dev in DevOps

All that is a whole lot of complexity to digest. At Joget, we believe that it is inevitable for app development to become more accessible and manageable, to coders and non-coders alike. As an open source application development platform, we adhere to the 3 key principles of simplicity, flexibility and openness.

Let’s take a scenario where your organization requires a way to book meeting rooms more efficiently.

What does it take to get from, well, nothing,

to a full-fledged production ready app that allows users to:

  1. Create and Manage Rooms
  2. Make Room Bookings
  3. Approve Room Bookings in an Automated Workflow Process
  4. View Room Bookings in a Calendar
  5. Generate and View Reports on Room Bookings
  6. Not forgetting, requiring mobile versions of all that!

Now, that sounds like an enormous amount of software development effort in traditional terms.

Build the Full App Without Coding in 30 Minutes, No Marketing Fluff

With Joget Workflow v6, it is possible to accomplish all this within 30 minutes. And, it can be done without coding and you essentially drag-and-drop, point-and-click and configure your way through instead. It’s also possible to use your touch device to build it.

Watch the 30 minute video below, which demonstrates an authentic, real-time example of building the app from scratch. No special effects, no marketing fluff :)

The app built on the Joget Workflow platform, once published with a click, is now available to users over the web. And users can also download the Joget Mobile App from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to access the very same app with the UI automatically tailored for mobile devices.


Get Started with Joget Workflow

To get started with Joget Workflow v6:


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