Announcing Joget Academy

Today, we are excited to announce that Joget Academy is now available to the public.

Self-learning Joget Workflow is now easier than ever with a guided and structured online course. We shall explore the benefits of our new online learning platform as compared to traditional self-learning.

Check out Joget Academy at to get started.
Covering all the basics

Learning on our own, we may be prone to miss important details or prerequisites before moving on to advanced chapters. Or perhaps you’re much more effective as a visual and physical learner that like to be hands-on. Or just maybe you prefer learning at your own time, place, and pace. Relying on reading and learning alone may lead to a frustrating self-learning experience. Now, Joget Academy covers all the basics, everything from setting up Joget Workflow to building a full-fledged business-ready app, in a form of a structured lecture course.
No-coach coaching

With Joget Academy, we are eliminating the trial-and-error approach and long hours of reading from the traditional learning experience, and enhancing it further with video tutorials. Each lecture contains narration to guide the learner every step of the way. Learning as the narrator tutor along side-by-side, does make for a refreshing and highly focused self-learning experience.
Test. Test. Test.
After covering a chapter, there will be a test to complete to ensure you’re covering the right prerequisites before moving on to an advanced chapter. In fact, after completing all the tests in the whole course, you will be entitled to a Joget - App Designer certificate.

Please check out Joget Academy at to get started.


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