5 Minute Challenge: Go From Zero to Complete Enterprise App

The Rise of No-Code/Low-Code Platforms

The world is going digital, and your business needs to transform itself to survive and compete. Imagine you have a business process or workflow problem that you wish to digitize or automate, what do you do? After approaching your IT department, you get a typical response that the software developers (assuming there are any in the first place) are all busy or unavailable. Or perhaps you are a software developer yourself, but you never have enough time to deliver what the business requires. You then decide to use spreadsheets, or more horrifyingly, resort to manually using paper. Surely there must be a better way to do it.

What if you could build a full-fledged enterprise app accessible via both desktop and mobile, complete with database-driven forms, lists and reports with filters and data export capabilities, along with an approval workflow process, within 5 minutes? And this duration assumes that you are starting from zero, meaning no server infrastructure, and all you have access to is a web browser?

With a no-code/low-code platform like Joget, it is actually possible. Let’s see how to make it happen.

Build (and Deploy) a Complete Enterprise App in 5 Minutes

Minute #1: Deploy Joget

Signup for Joget Workflow On-Demand, or if you have a container platform like OpenShift, use the certified Joget Operator. If you already have access to a running Joget platform, you can even skip this first minute.

Minute #2: Visually Design a Form

Access Joget and visually design your form

Minute #3: Generate a Full App

Generate full app using the Joget App Generator

Minute #4: Done!

Done! Access your app via desktop or mobile

Next Steps

Of course, this is a simple example. There is a more advanced example for building a more complex app in 30 minutes, also without coding. In a real world scenario you will need to spend much more time iterating, improving and integrating your apps, but try to accomplish the same things in any other software development environment and you will see the value in a no-code/low-code platform like Joget to kickstart your digital transformation journey.

Visit joget.org/get-started to get started with Joget.


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