Joget DX Beta Released

After months of intensive development, the Joget team is proud to announce that the beta for Joget DX is now available for download!

What is Joget DX?

Joget DX is a next generation open source application platform for faster, simpler digital transformation (DX). Joget DX combines the best of business process management (BPM), workflow, and low-code/no-code rapid application development in an open source platform.
  • Web-based visual approach empowers non-coders to build and maintain apps anytime, anywhere Reduces time to market, from months to weeks or days
  • Apps built are mobile ready, cloud ready
  • APIs for integration and plugin architecture for extensibility
  • "App Store" for enterprise apps - Joget Marketplace
  • Integrated app performance management to detect and optimize performance issues

What’s New in Joget DX

Joget DX is the next generation successor to Joget Workflow. From Workflow to Digital Transformation (DX), the product name change reflects the complete digital transformation capabilities offered by the platform. In addition to all the functionality already available in Joget Workflow v6, Joget DX introduces many powerful new features.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and User Experience (UX)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the future of the web and mobile. PWA provides features traditionally available only to native mobile apps. In Joget DX, all apps built will be automatically PWA baseline compliant, and features such as offline support and push notifications can be easily enabled via configuration.

DevOps and Tools Integration
DevOps is a set of practises and culture bringing together teams from software development and IT operations to build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. Joget DX offers several DevOps focused features, the most prominent of which is embedded Git integration.

Application Performance Management (APM)

Application Performance Management (APM) is an important part of the DevOps lifecycle to monitor the user experience while improving the stability and availability of applications. The integrated APM in Joget DX provides runtime monitoring and performance management, allowing for app optimization and proactive prevention of downtime.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Smart Decisions

Decision making is one of the most important aspects in any business. As a part of process automation, Joget DX provides support for Decisions plugins that can be mapped to process routes for decision making. Several Decisions plugin implementations are bundled, including a no-code Simple Rules Engine and a no-code artificial intelligence (AI) plugin for TensorFlow.

Extensibility via Pluggable Builders and Enhanced Workflow Features

In addition to the core visual builders for forms, lists, UI and processes, Joget DX introduces support for pluggable Add-on Builders. This allows the platform to be extended with custom visual builders in future e.g. Report Builder for managing reports and API Builder for managing APIs for integration.

Joget DX also introduces support for plugins to enhance workflow and process automation capabilities. This allows custom plugins to customize the behavior of workflow forms, for example to introduce simplified ways to approve, withdraw or reassign tasks.

These add-on builders and enhanced workflow plugins will be available at a later date in the Joget Marketplace, and developers can also build their own to extend the platform according to their needs.

Get Started with Joget DX

Download Joget DX Beta and test it out today. This beta release is intended for the community to test functionality and provide feedback before general availability.


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