Get Started with Open Source Low Code and Process Automation for Remote Work

In light of the current Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, organizations worldwide are starting to adopt remote work as the new normal. The safety of customers, partners and employees are paramount, so working remotely will surely be of critical importance.

In addition to collaboration and conferencing tools, no-code/low-code platforms will be essential to rapidly build apps and automate processes in this new working environment. Joget DX, the open source low code application platform, was recently released and is available now for a variety of deployment options to fit any environment.

With Joget, it is possible to get from zero to full-fledged apps in minutes. We also recently released a Travel Advisory Tracking app in the Joget Marketplace that was developed by a non-coder over a weekend. More than ever, it is essential to keep track of processes and documents while working remotely. Instead of being overwhelmed with emails and chat messages, you can quickly install apps from the Joget Marketplace and adapt them to your needs.

Free Joget Academy Vouchers

At Joget, we would like to aid the community to quickly get up to speed so we are now offering free vouchers for Joget Academy courses and certifications. This is in addition to the free tier of users that come by default in an on-premise installation or on Joget Cloud On-Demand, so you can get started quickly for free.

Get Started Free

1. Install or sign up for the Joget platform for free at the Get Started page.
2. Redeem your FREE Joget Academy vouchers by submitting the Contact form by 15 April 2020.
3. The Joget team will follow up on your request with the vouchers within 2-3 business days.

Stay safe, everyone!


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