Taking No-Code to the Next Level With the Latest Joget DX 8 Release

What's New In Joget DX 8 Preview 2

Joget DX empowers everyone to develop enterprise-grade applications, regardless of technical competency or background. Recognizing the importance of citizen development for accelerating digital transformation, Joget has partnered with the Project Management Institute (PMI™) and achieved Gold Tier status in the PMI Citizen Developer™ Partner Program. To unlock the full potential of citizen development, the next generation Joget DX 8 platform is designed with a focus on User Experience (UX) and Governance.

A Focus on UX and Governance

User experience is essential for both end-users and developers, and the platform has to be simple and intuitive for user adoption. Governance, on the other hand, is crucial from the organization’s perspective to ensure safe and scalable implementations by providing guardrails and best practices.

First preview for Joget DX 8

To enhance Joget’s position as a leading open source no-code/low-code platform for citizen developers, the first preview for Joget DX 8 was unveiled with many innovations such as support for responsive single-page applications (SPA), intuitively redesigned visual builders, and automated governance health checks and audits.

What’s New in Joget DX 8 Preview 2
The 2nd preview release for Joget DX 8 is now available with more great features, as it doubles down on the two essential pillars for citizen development. Here are the major feature highlights for this latest release:

1. No-Code Database Wizards
No-Code Database Wizards
No-code Database Wizards are now available for external database integration. Instead of dealing with SQL code, developers can now visually configure database connections, queries and updates. 

No-Code Database Wizards 2

2. Data Model Visualization
Data Model Visualization

Joget DX simplifies data modeling by transparently managing data relationships through the Form Builder. To further ease app maintenance and data management in Joget DX 8, Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) are automatically generated in real-time so developers can easily visualize the data relationships. The relationships are also described in words for greater clarity.

Data Model Visualization
3. Database Optimization and Recommendations
Database Optimization and Recommendations

Common performance problems in enterprise applications are caused by slow database queries with unoptimized database table relationships. Joget DX application performance management (APM) features help to monitor and identify these bottlenecks. In Joget DX 8, app designers are now able to manually add indexes to keys directly from the visual data model. To guide non-technical users, the platform will also automatically make recommendations on database optimizations.

4. App Plugin Dependency Checks
App Plugin Dependency Checks

A major strength of Joget DX is its flexibility due to its dynamic plugin architecture, which allows almost limitless extension of the platform. However, applications may have dependencies to plugins which might be missing when moving between environments. In Joget DX 8, the new App Composer will detect missing plugin dependencies to prevent unintended app configurations.

5. Additional Governance Health Checks and Audits
Additional Governance Health Checks and Audits

Joget DX 8 provides automated governance health checks and alerts to aid compliance in critical enterprise areas such as security, performance and application quality. The latest release adds additional checks such as orphaned form data and missing app plugins.

Integration with the Governance Center
Integration with the Governance Center

Joget DX 8 will integrate with the upcoming Governance Center, a centralized portal to manage and monitor Joget installations, apps and developers within an organization.

Integration with the Governance Center

The Governance Center will provide clear visibility into the status of larger-scale citizen development initiatives, while enabling control and approval for app deployments between environments.

Integration with the Governance Center

The Governance Center itself will be a Joget app, so it can be tailored to an organization’s individual requirements.

Upgrades Under the Hood

Upgrades Under the Hood

Joget DX 8 retains the openness that the Joget platform is renowned for: open source, with support for numerous enterprise operating systems, application servers and databases. As before, there are a multitude of deployment options to suit any environment e.g. On-Premise, On-Demand Cloud, Red Hat Marketplace, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Google Workspace Marketplace, AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, GCP Marketplace. Joget is built on an open cross-platform architecture using Java, and under the hood, Joget DX 8 has upgraded to the latest Spring 5 and Hibernate 5 releases to take advantage of all the performance, stability and security improvements available.

Try Out Joget DX 8 Preview Release 2

Joget DX 8 is now available as a limited preview to selected customers and partners, request for access today.

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