Joget Workflow Training – Basic & Advance for v3.1 – Module 5 – Creating your first Forms

We are making our training slides available online. This set of training slides is based on the Joget Workflow v3.1 version. This would be another good avenue for those who are looking for more learning materials to create more values for their organizations.
This is the fifth out of 11 modules that will be posted online every few days.

In this module, we will be learning about the Form Builder. The Form Builder is the second component of 4 components in Joget. In Joget, the 4 components are:-
  1. Workflow engine
  2. Form
  3. Datalist
  4. Userview
In Form Builder module, we will be learning the following:-
  1. Naming convention for table naming in Form Builder itself.
  2. Form to Activity mapping for Workflow Process
  3. Creation of Form with basic input elements such as Text Field, Date Picker, and Textarea.
  4. Subform concept in Form Builder to refer to existing form.
  5. Workflow Process flow control using Form Builder's input element.

This is the complete listing of all the modules.

Module 1: Introduction
Introduction to Business Process and Workflow
Introduction to Joget Workflow
Overview of Joget Workflow v3 Architecture

Module 2: Setting up Joget Workflow
Overview of User Management

 Module 3: Building your first Process-driven Application
Business Process Design
Designing Your First Workflow with Workflow Designer
Running Your First Automated Process

Module 4: Process Monitoring
Administration of Process Instances in Joget

Module 5: Creating your first Forms
Creating your First Forms using Joget Form Builder
Understanding the relationship between Forms and Process Activities

Module 6: Using the Email Tool
Implementing Email Tool Plugin on your Process Tool.

Module 7: Creating Datalist and Userview
Creating a Listing of submitted Form data.
Creating a User Interface (UI) for end-user access.

Module 8: Participant Mapping and Permission Control
Defining Process Participant Mapping on your Process
Enforcing Permission Control on your App

Module 9: SLA and Deadlines
Service Level Agreement implementation on Workflow Process.
Creating Email Reminder on Workflow Process using Deadline implementation.

Module 10: Hash Variables
Dynamically populate Form fields, Email plugin.
Using Hash Variable

Module 11: A Revision - Building a Support Ticketing System


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